Stackr is the New Age of managing your business – big or small. It’s like having a full time personal accountant, a financial analyst, and a less-sassy secretary all wrapped in a neat, intuitive design. This program helps link original publishers with some of the most prolific, highly renown digital affiliates in the market. Stackr, already affiliated with giants like Amazon and Daisycon, is planning on extending their network further in the near future. This service is at the ground level of business development. In alliance with the ingenuity of blossoming businesses, its abilities are limitless.

Connecting with as many diverse affiliates is pivotal in distributing your product or service far and wide. Stackr has included a dashboard to help visualize your business’ empire. Its aesthetic, easy-to-understand charts highlight your biggest affiliate champion and tattles on your most struggling avenue of distribution. This will help you focus on who you need to connect with more.

Stackr also includes a competent display of all transactions, revenue inflow, and what has been clicked on the most or least. Essential ingredients to knowing your customers better, like operating systems, device usage, and landing pages are also captured. What you don’t want to be shown can be left out by the service’s handy-dandy filtration system. You can get right down to the business’ nitty-gritty finances.

The affiliates that Stackr has aligned with have sub-contractors. These are merchants that sell the product or service in which your business flourishes. With Stackr, you’re able to assess basket details, which include products sold and prices. Depending on who has the best team of sellers, you can further narrow down which affiliate is your best choice.

Security isn’t a concern. Through an elite system of encryption and a techy’s dream of data hashing, virtually none of your business’ data can be leaked or is even visible by an outside source. You needn’t worry about your safety or your customer’s – Stackr has got you digitally covered.

All of these features will lead to a more prosperous e-commerce. Being able to track analytics, within the safety of Stackr, will drive your revenues to where they need to be. Performance monitoring is vital to success – Stackr is the key.