If you’re looking for a cool way to stay warm during your winter activities, look no further than the Torch 2.0. The Torch jacket heater promises comfort thanks to technological advances. The Torch coat heater fits easily inside any number of coats, in several positions, to give you additional heat without adding extra weight or bulk to your coat. Choose from small, medium or large jacket warmers to fit your jacket.

Torch 2.0 brings heat wherever you are. The device secures to the inside of your coat with Velcro and relies on batteries, so you’ll stay toasty whether you’re ice fishing, hunting or riding the ski lift. Three heat pads bring extra warmth to your back, sides or stomach, depending upon how the coat heater fits into your jacket.

With Torch 2.0, you’ll see a few upgrades to the jacket heater. An easy-to-use control enables you to adjust the heat, up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. The battery is hidden in the device while the heating pads are more effective.

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The Torch jacket heater provides up to four hours of use, but if you need a break from the heat, you can simply turn it off with the new power button to converse energy. An external battery connects to the jacket heater, and you can use it to charge a phone or device when you’re not near an outlet.

Torch has designed the coat heater to survive impacts such as falls that might occur during winter sports and activities. Other safeguards include an automatic shutoff should the battery that comes with your Torch 2.0 jacket heater become wet. The company also provides a 1-year warranty for your Torch product, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re protected from manufacturing defects.

If you like the Torch jacket heater, you can also look into the company’s heated gloves and heated insoles, which you can insert into your boots to keep your feet just as warm as the rest of your body.