The popular online image editor was once known as share as image, and now, rebranded and sold as stencil, used to come with a wide but still limited selection of different fonts. This limitation is without a doubt, one of the issues that have kept a bunch of potential clients hesitant about becoming actual clients. Stencil is really good fit for those looking for an easy way to create featured images for their wordpress posts, but here, fonts (or, the right fonts) play a crucial role. Now, this isn’t a problem anymore.

Adam from Stencil recently sent me an email informing me Stencil now allows for font upload (of all fonts!). In addition to this, stencil is now, also directly integrated with google fonts, giving us access to 1,700 fonts. Sweet!


You may have noticed over the last few days that we quietly rolled out something you’ve been requesting for a very long time…The ability to upload your own fonts!

Not only can you upload any font you own, but we have another surprise: We now integrate directly with Google Fonts! You can now import fonts to Stencil from their massive 1700+ font selection! This also means full international font support! You can filter by Arabic, Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, Vietnamese and many others.

If you have a Pro or Unlimited account, this is already available to you! You can access the new “My Fonts” from the font dropdown select menu.

If you’re on a free account, this is a great time to check out our paid plans to unlock the full power of Stencil.

We’re crazy excited about this new feature and wanted to thank everyone for the great suggestions on this. We have an amazing post this week to show you just how easy it is to upload your own fonts.

Oh and here’s a handy pre-populated tweet to help you share the news!

This is great news, and something I am sure will please a lot of potential clients. The competition in the space for online image editors is getting fierce, so there is definitely a good reason to come up with new, awesome and most importantly, requested features to support the huge demand for simple image editing. Stencil is, with this new feature, moving a good step in the right direction.