With a maximum capacity of three adults together with their gear, or two adults and two children, for a maximum load of 880 pounds, this unique and groundbreaking outdoor shelter is an evolution of the hammock tent. It elevates above terrain that is inhospitable and keeps snakes, insects, sand flies, and other creepy crawlies out. The projected set-up time is 15 minutes.

Considered to be one of a kind and with a 100 percent Satisfaction Guarantee, the Stingray’s new concept has straps to hold it aloft and suspended between trees, boulders, trucks, or just about anything. A durable and rip-resistant micro-mesh shields from insects. Access is through a large front door and a floor hatch located in the center. The spacious hammock interior keeps campers comfortable and separated.

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There is a rain fly that is removable and provides superior protection and unbeatable views; it can be pegged to the ground to create a large porch area that is covered. You can roll the flaps and place them right over the front door and out of the way, or they can be folded and placed underneath the tent by hooking them to the central hatch, which can create a thermal buffer and an additional windbreak.

This Tree Tent can also be a multi-story camping base to accommodate as many as six people by setting up an optional Trillium under the tent.

You are given helpful instructions on Set Up, Pack Down and Maintenance. The weight is 22 pounds,
the maximum set-up height is four feet, and the interior height is 3.5 feet. The poles are anodised aluminium alloy, there are three giant pegs, the floor fabric is a reinforced nylon-polyester composite fabric, and the fire resistance meets USA CPAI-84 and Canadian FR16. Because of continuous improvements and innovations, specifications may change. A final word on this is to make sure you always follow safety instructions.