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With smartphones and tablets becoming increasingly more powerful, it is not surprising that users seem to be constantly confronted with the need to recharge them. This often becomes problematic, particularly with the increase charge time that many devices require today. Beyond that, many of the heat sources associated with traditional charging techniques wears on the battery and decreases its life over time. You deserve something better, and it is in this spirit that USBIDI was created.

Charge Your Phone or Tablet in Style

Not only is USBIDI incredibly functional, it looks great as well. For starters, the braided cord is incredibly durable. This may very well be the last charger you ever need to purchase. Beyond that, there are a range of color options that you can choose from. Your desk or bed side table will look great as your phone or tablet gets charged. You might even want to pick up several of these, in different colors, and have them spread throughout your home or office. You will also find that the cord does not tangle, keeping the mess out of charging your mobile devices.

Get Charged Up Quickly

We all live busy lives, so we cannot just sit around waiting for the juice to be restored to our phone. USBIDI solves that potential dilemma by providing a charge that is roughly twice as fast as a traditional charger. You will also find that this charger will extend the battery life of your mobile device and keep it healthier for the long term. You do not need to worry if you are away from the area when the charge is completed either. The USBIDI charger will actually cut of its power automatically once the charge is complete. This means that you do not have to worry about unplugging the charger when it is finished.

There are numerous other features associated with USBIDI that will make you glad you purchased this charger. The LED light indicators are not only stylish, they are functional as well. A blue light will tell you that your data is synching to your device, while a red light indicates that a super charge is in effect. When the charge is completed, the light will go off. Finally, you can expect your battery life to be extended by as much as three hours when you use USBIDI.