The process of finding the perfect new hire is a long and winding road. Not only do you have to find a team member who is qualified and skilled but someone who also fits in with your company ethos and your other employees. But once you do find that needle in the haystack, integrating that new team member into your company’s many systems and programs can be, to put it gently, a headache. Instead of hopping right on board and joining the team, your new employee is set in reserve as you work through setting up account after account. And even still, missing credentials and lack of access means you’re not making the most of your new hire.


This new platform allows you to manage all your new hires through one interface. You can now set up all those services that keep your company up and running smoothly in one go. Need your new employee to have Google email through your company and access to Google Suite? Done. Do you and your team rely on Slack to communicate about projects and other things? Done. Does your new employee need a MailChimp account? Done and done, all with the help of submotion.

The easy to use interface of submotion also lets you monitor all of your current employees. That means you know who has a MailChimp account and who doesn’t, who needs a new Google email address for work purposes, and who may be slacking by not having a Slack account. Submotion makes sure that you’re able to hold all your employees accountable at just a glance, while also making sure that your company is running smoothly and effectively at all levels.

Inevitably, some employees don’t work out the way you want, whether it’s their work ethic or attitude. So when you have to make the hard decision of letting someone go, submotion is there to make the process as painless as possible. Through their interface, you can revoke access to all of their company accounts, which gives you the peace of mind that your ex-employee won’t be able to steal information or affect your company in a negative way.

Submotion is the ultimate tool for hiring and firing. Quickly onboard new team members by granting them access to all the programs your company uses, and quickly offboard employees that haven’t worked out they way you wanted. With a user-friendly interface and easy-to-use features, your company will benefit from the simplicity of submotion.

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