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Suits have long been derided as stiff, if not in appearance than certainly in feel. The Stretch Suit is looking to change that.

Crafted from a lightweight, moisture wicking blend of wool and elastane manufactured in Europe, The Stretch Suit is designed for men who lead an active lifestyle — and like to look good doing it. The Stretch Suit allows you to effortlessly switch from work to play and back again. You may break a sweat, but people would be hard-pressed to tell.

Its breathable, anti-sweat fabric makes The Stretch Suit particularly ideal for travel. You’ll arrive looking every bit as stylish as when you left, and feel great at every moment in between. And because The Stretch Suit was designed with care in London — down to the reinforced buttons — it’s not only comfortable, but built to last.

That durability and versatility has already passed the test of some very active men. Youtube star and martial artist Chad Wild Clay has called The Stretch Suit “definitely the most comfortable suit I’ve ever worn.” Steve Coleman, European martial arts champion, added, “The Stretch Suit gives me the freedom I need, for maximum performance without restrictions.” You don’t have to be a renowned martial artist to reap all the benefits of The Stretch Suit — but rest assured that if you were, you could.

Featured in Elle, Men’s Health, and Esquire, The Stretch Suit is currently accepting pre-orders, and is available in your choice of black, blue, or grey. The blazer and suit pants, as well as white dress shirts, can also be purchased individually. For the especially fashion-conscious ninja, a Stretch Tuxedo is also available.

They say that the clothes make the man. Your suit should be as flexible as you are. The days of conforming to the lifestyle of uncomfortable suits are over. The Stretch Suit conforms to your lifestyle.