Audiophiles, welcome to the future of music: introducing Swiss Audio, the world’s first personalized, wireless HiFi earbuds. Created by a team of Swiss engineers, these earbuds are designed around the idea that personalization is key. Using a unique, patented algorithm, Swiss Audio earbuds are designed to allow users to customize their hearing profile and tailor sound to their personal needs through the use of an Audiology Test found on Swiss Audio’s companion app. This test causes the earbuds to compensate for any hearing imperfections in tested frequencies, meaning that users are able to hear their favorite songs and music like never before.

But the genius of Swiss Audio is not limited to its software. Swiss Audio earbuds also come with balanced armature speakers that deliver strong basses and crystalline highs adapted precisely to the anatomy of the human ear. To ensure its secure and comfortable fit, each set of Swiss Audio earbuds comes with nine different tips for every type of ear. The earbuds themselves, too, feature touch controls to play/pause, skip between tracks, toggle audio transparency, and enable voice control of the paired device.

Perhaps what is most amazing about these earbuds, though, is their price. Not only featuring unparalleled customization, IPX5 water resistance, 4 hours of battery life, a 7-band equalizer, and hearing profiles, Swiss Audio earbuds retail for just $199.

Of course, wireless earbuds aren’t a new idea. There’s a growing demand for them, and some provide more features or less. But the Swiss Audio earbuds are definitely a frontrunner, offering the user unparalleled control over their music. That might be a bit more than the average user needs; if that’s the case, they might consider trying the Zolo Liberty+ wireless headphones, retailing now for $149.