One says, how you live your life is depends on how your perceive and feel about the world. Every action you take and choices you made in your life are the small dots, which eventually connected to become a meaningful picture. With that being said, photographers are the typical example on this. They capture great moment in 2D images with different emotions and feelings. However, a same photo may have different emotional bonds to different pair of eyes.

Recently, there’s a cool sunglasses that will make your world of view little bit colourful and perhaps brings new values to your current’s.

Designed and brought to you by professional photographers, Tens is a special designed sunglasses with custom filter lens. It enhances your field of view by adding saturated tints, and therefore your days will look even better and warmer. Also, the glasses features Uv 400 protection (100% ray blocking) and CR 39 scratch-resist polymer.

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Tens offers a variety of style for you to choose from, including Classic Deluxe, Scout, Cooper, Belford, Cleo and more. Each with a number of colors and designs, so you can pick one that fit your style. You can check out their Kickstarter campaign via the link below to choose yours.

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Starts from just $75, early backers can enjoy up to 25% off future retail price of $100.