Textedly is a text message marketing tool that allows business of all sizes to easily connect with their target audiences in a functional and efficient way. With the increasing necessity of mobile phones and text messaging, Textedly allows businesses and entrepreneurs to reach their audiences directly on their mobile phones.

Textedly recognizes the need for businesses of all types to be able to fully engage their target audiences in the most effective way through the use of text messaging and mobile phones. A beautiful and easy to use interface makes Textedly a top choice for any business looking to grow and strengthen relationships with their target audiences.

Textedly offers mass group texting, text scheduling, and customizable auto-replies. Users can send out mass group texts in a matter of seconds to their subscribers in just one click of a button. Retailers, schools, restaurants and professional services are a few examples of the businesses that use Textedly. A built-in calendar feature also allows users to schedule a single text message or mass group texts for any date and time.

A major perk Textedly offers is that users can send text messages that are over 300 characters long, a huge advantage for sending valuable information to subscribers. There is also no limit to how many subscribers Textedly users can have. In addition, all incoming text messages are free. Users only pay for messages they send.

Textedly also takes care of CTIA and Mobile Carrier Compliance so that users can focus on getting the most out of their texting efforts.
Along with an easy to use text messaging system, Textedly offers comprehensive analytics that allows business to know exactly how effective their text marketing efforts are doing among their subscribers. Features such as subscriber time stamps, activity feed, total user history and interactive graphs are all available so users can gauge how well their marketing efforts are performing. Textedly also automatically gathers city, state and zipcode information from each subscriber. Textedly offers users the unique and advantageous ability to be able to look at the demographics of their subscribers in detail in order to maximize their marketing efforts.

Textedly is priced on a per-month subscription basis that ranges from $25 to $55. Each price point comes with special perks and features that allow users to upgrade or downgrade at any time. Textedly offers a free 14-day trial to allow users to test out the system.

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