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Most men enjoy growing their facial hair and sporting that masculine look, but when you want style, you have to perfect it. Trimming your beard with most electronic trimmers on the market can be a real hassle. The Bevel Trimmer takes these problems away.

With its modern look and high-end performance, this adjustable beard trimmer tops the charts. The Bevel is an ultra-sharp, power-delivering, beard-trimming beast. It does everything that all the other trimmers on the market do but with more consistent power and precision.

On a single charge, the Bevel can offer you 60 days of beard-trimming expertise. One notable feature is its cordless design. No longer will you need to worry about cables touching water in your bathroom, maneuvering the trimmer around to untangle the cord and so on.

The main focus of this trimmer is its ability to adjust in length. You have the option to change the parameters with the flick of a wheel. Be careful though. The teeth are so sharp that you must properly align from the start of things so that you don’t get too close of a shave if you don’t want one. Adjust the gap on the fly and claim that perfect shave that you’ve been after with this roaring trimmer.