The HipStar, a cart that attaches to your hip, conveniently allows your hands to be free while also reducing stress on your back. This solves a long-time problem people have had with lugging around heavy backpacks or dragging large suitcases. The HipStar provides many needs with carrying around luggage, is excellent for certain types of adventurers, can be used as a backpack or bike trailer, and contains a number of practical features.

Suitcases don’t feel as heavy as backpacks, yet you’d still need at least one hand to pull it everywhere. This lightweight need is available with the HipStar without the requirement of hands for transportation. It contains a strap that you wrap around your waist, allowing your body mass to do the pulling. This also makes it easy on your back, especially if you’re a senior citizen or have back problems. Since it’s trailing behind you, a common concern would be whether or not the cart will bump into that back of your heels while walking or running. The adjustable poles allow the cart to be behind you at a safe distance. There are shock absorbers that prevent the load from doing a pushing or pulling motion for each stop and acceleration you do.

All kinds of individuals can benefit from the HipStar, including backpackers, hunters, hikers, and tourists, just to name a few. This is because it’s convenient for travel that is long-term, long-distance, or both. You previously may not have been interested in these kinds of trips because of the heavy baggage. The HipStar can encourage one to be willing to explore outdoor areas without the dread of carrying the large, bulky gear.

As durable as the HipStar is, it’s made of aluminum, making it light. There might be concerns about trekking surfaces that aren’t compatible with wheels. For this purpose, you can fold the cart into a backpack for the time being. The HipStar can connect to bicycles as well. Not only bags but a car seat for your baby can be applied. You can turn regular walks into fun, quick jogs.

The HipStar adds a travel convenience for baggage that people have been needing for decades. Your hands are free and there’s no worry about whether it will cause you back problems. It can be used for all kinds of trips, including photography, hiking, and concerts. You can attach a bag, a bike, or a child seat for extra benefit.

HipStar is currently in the product design stage with expected manufacturing in about 5 to 6 months. However, you can use the green button on to sign up and get notified as soon as it is ready for pre-order with a great discount and a 100% month back guarantee.

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