There’s no other brighter way to kickstart your day than a cup of hot morning coffee. Most people can’t resist to the aroma of coffee that boosts both the moods and productivity. Serve like a catalyst, a warm coffee has lot of health benefits too. For example, it increases short-term memory, prevent cognitive decline, reduces risk of getting cardiovascular diseases, type-2 diabetes and certain types of cancer. In spite of that, overdose of caffeine may cause raising of blood pressure, incontinence development, ingestion, reduce fertility and headache.

Nonetheless, coffee is still one of the most popular drink that loved by people.

However, keeping your caffeine drink warm for hours is not easy. As for coffee lovers, a subtle changes in temperature such as cooling down due to air-conditioning, may alter the great taste of your favourite coffee. Therefore, market today offers a variety of mug warmers for both office and home use. But, they often have a fix and unadjustable standard temperature which appear to be too hot or too cold for different people.

On the other hand, heat isolated travel mug doesn’t get the job done well, too. Here is a new smart tumbler of 2017 to keep your drink hot all day long.

The Jül – Heated Smart Mug

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