I still remember the first time I saw Frank Kern recommending a nifty plugin named Hybrid Connect. Normally Frank Kern would only promote overly expensive info-products from the so-called syndicate. Hybrid Connect was different from these info-products; this was a WordPress plugin allowing the client to easily create and use a broad range of different opt-in forms. It was sold for something in the range of $50 – 100 if I remember things correctly. I was impressed that Shane (the guy behind Hybrid Connect) managed to convince frank to promote this tool. This was also the first time I head about Shane Melaugh – Now fast forward a couple of years, and everyone in the IM space knows this name.

Shane decided to discontinue Hybrid Connect. Instead, we got Thrive Leads which is a very similar, but far better wordpress plug-in than Hybrid Connect ever was. But that’s not all; Shane has released a bunch of different tools over the last few years, as spokes to the Thrive Theme Hub.

Thrive Themes
Thrive Leads
Thrive Content Builder
Thrive Landing Pages
Thrive Ovation
Thrive Ultimatum
Thrive Headline Optimizer
Thrive Clever Widgets

and now,

Thrive University

This is the first “info-product” from Shane Melaugh (that I am aware of), on the topic of inbound marketing. So far, there is a total of 10 courses, and more will be added, going forward. I have only had time to go through a tiny bit of this, but as I expected, the quality of this is second to none. The success of Thrive Themes is all the validation I need to put my trust in Thrive University. If you have though about becoming a member, you now have one more, very solid reason to join in.

Here is what Shane has to say about Thrive University;

Hey Jakob,

We’re very excited to announce something we’ve been working on for a long time: we have created a platform for you to access all of our courses, guides and training material in one simple interface.

We’re calling this Thrive University and today, it’s accessible for the first time!

If you’re in a hurry, here are the links for you:

=> If you’re already a customer or member, you can log in here to access everything in Thrive University.

=> If you aren’t a customer or member, you can go here to create an account.

=> If you want to know more about Thrive University and see links to some of our courses, check out this blog post.

Right now, you’ll find 10 courses and guides that will help you create better landing pages, build an engaged mailing list, create better content and much more. Plus, you can easily access our “Landing Page from Scratch” videos in one single place.

Over time, we will continue adding new courses and we’ll let you know whenever there’s new training material for you.

And of course, we want to hear from you: what would you like to learn from myself and the rest of the Thrive Team? What courses do you think we should add?

To let us know, just leave a comment on this post.

Finally, note that there’s a brand new course in Thrive University, that I want to make sure you know of: we’ve created a completely new and updated version of our “Build a Conversion Optimized Website from Scratch” tutorial.

In this, you can watch over my shoulder, as I go from a fresh WordPress installation to a fully fleshed out and optimized website.

Here’s the direct link to the new course.

I know that this is quite a lot to take in. I just wanted to make sure you won’t get bored over the holidays. 😉



Oh, and a few days later I got followed up with the below, so yeah, things are moving fast! 🙂

Hi Jakob,

I’m writing to let you know that since our announcement of Thrive University last week, we’ve already added 3 new courses for you. Or, to be more exact, 2 courses and one guide.

We have two courses, based on previous webinar trainings we did. We’ve broken these down into individual lessons, so it’s easier to get the most out of them:

1) Low Tech Product Launch
Learn how to pull off a successful product launch without straining your budget and without buying a whole bunch of tools.

2) Next Generation List Building Tactics
Discover the 3 ways in which you can take your list building to the next level.

Plus, a useful guide, which is also about growing your mailing list:

3) 22 List Building Tips You Can Implement Right Now
If you want to do something to improve your opt-in forms, but you aren’t sure what, this simple one-page guide will give you some inspiration.

If you haven’t checked out Thrive University yet and you want to know how you can get access to all of our best training material for free, check out this blog post.

All the best,