Getting your site ranked on the first page of Google for certain terms can be a difficult and time-consuming task! It’s no secret that backlinks, and especially, high-quality backlinks, will make the ranking process a whole lot easier. But getting high-quality links is also a challenging and tedious task. This is the exact reason why lots of people are turning to PBN’s – Private and/or public blog networks; a shortcut to high-quality links. However, getting links from a public network is dangerous as Google might catch on to this, and de-index your site. This is the primary reason why people build and maintain their own private blog networks. You can too – but do know that this is also hard work and a lot of it.

OBS: Please keep in mind that these tools listed here might very well create footprints, which should be avoided when running a PBB. Check up on this before jumping in!

Luckily for you, there are tools out there, to help you ease the workload. Here goes;


This is probably one of the most popular services in this space, and there is a good reason for this; it has been created specifically for people who want to build and manage their own PBN.

I have personally tested EasyBlogNetwork, and the name is a true reflection of what you get; An Easy blog network. This is a webservice, where, once signed up, you can log in and control all of you different blogs. Adding sites


InfiniteWP is a webapp that allows you to control a bunch of wordpress sites from within one app; infiniteWP.

Never login to your WordPress dashboards ever again.
Control all your WP sites from a single, powerful admin panel.

When running a PBN, a central hub for the various mundane wordpress tasks will be a huge time saver! InfiniteWP allows you to perform one-click updates, take backups and restore your sites, manage themes and plug-ins, etc. The best thing about this is that it is free! You can then purchase add-ons to support additional features. As far as I can tell, this is however, not a tool built for the PBN audience but more for users who maintain client blogs. Becuase of this, there is a good reason to check up on the footprint side of things, before going all in on this service.


MainWP is kind of similar to InfiniteWP, just that this is not a webapp, but a plugin which you install on your site(s). One site becomes the master site, and the other ones are child sites. You can then execute a bunch of different tasks from the main site like:

1-Click Admin Access
Manage Plugins and Themes
Multiple Backup Choices
Security Checks and Hardening
User Management
Privately Host on your own server
Search Engine Discovery Protection
Content Management
Uptime Monitoring

With MainWP you can also purchase premium extensions allowing you to do even more. Here are a couple of examples:

The Boilerplate extension is the perfect solution for commonly repeated pages such as your “Privacy Policy”, “About Us”, “Terms of Use”, “Support Policy”, or any other page with standard text that needs to be distributed across your network.

The Broken Link Checker Extension combines the power of your MainWP Dashboard with the popular WordPress Broken Link Checker Plugin to display any broken links across your network in an easy to use central location.

MainWP Spinner extension will rewrite your content and enable you to post unique versions of relevant content on your WordPress Blogs. It uses Spintax (Spin Syntax) to substitutes synonym choices into the article to create “original” variations of the base article.

There are lots of extensions which will make your PBN management a breeze. Check it out here.


Another webapp similar to infiniteWP that allows you to control a bunch of sites from within one webapp. Here are a some of the features you will get with a CMS Commander subscription:

One Dashboard
Control all your sites in one account and login without passwords. Complete Control
Manage posts, new comments, drafts, users and much more in bulk. Full Overview
Monitor uptime, backlinks and traffic statistics of your site network. Easy Updates
Install all WordPress, plugin and theme updates with a single click. Site Cloning
Copy entire WordPress sites for migration or to start a new project. Automatic Backups
Create regular backups of all your sites and restore with one click.

Rank wyz

The people behind Rank Wyz calls this the “Automation Service For SEO Professionals”. Rank WYZ is a lot more than just a PBN manager. Here are some of the features that comes with a Rank WYZ subscription:

  • Manage PBN, Web2.0 and Bookmarking Accounts
    Organize Your Work In Projects
    Schedule and Post Relevant Content
    Embed Images, Videos, Translate Content
    Build Multi-tier Networks
    Monitor SEO Metrics
    Check Ranking For Unlimited Blogs
    Ultimate PBN Service- Monitor, Update, Backup
  • With regards to PBN’s, Rank WYZ allows you to do a wide range of actions from with PBN dashboard. You can update plugins and themes, bulk review posts and comments, take automatic backups and more. As mentioned this tool allows you to do much more than just manage your PBN. You can see the full scoop here.


    In order to post high quality links from your PBN to your main site, you need sites in your PBN with a solid history and good stats in:

  • trust flow
    citation flow
    domain authority
    page authority
  • Such sites can be built from the ground up, but most people take a shortcut by purchasing high quality expired domains. The issue here is that finding these domains is a difficult task and it takes a lot of time. This is where PBNLab comes in. This service allows you to do exactly this, but in a matter of minutes, and on complete autopilot. This is nothing short of amazing and an absolute must-have tool if you plan to build your own PBN.

    This is a simple WordPress plugin that allows you to block all the different link tracking sites like Ahref, majestic, opensiteexplore, etc. If you want to keep your private link network truly private, this might be a good option. This makes it a lot more difficult for competitors to spy on and imitate your particular PBN actions.


    Another webapp that allows you to control multiple blogs from within one interface. ManageWP allows you to perform updates to your sites, schedule backups, monitor uptime and more. It is in many ways very similar to InfinityWP.


    NetworkCrusager is specifically built for creating and managing PBNs, all without leaving any footprints (that’s what they state at least). Here is what Gregory (the guy behind NetworkCrusader) has to say about this service:

    This Supercharged Blog Network Dashboards’ Proprietary Technology ELMINATES Footprints in Your Blog Networks, Manages ALL Your Sites under a Single Dashboard, Saves You Time, Ranks You Higher, Lets You Manage More Clients – and Helps You Explode YOUR Income!

    NetworkCrusader is a dashboard where you can create,ost content and monitor your networks. You will also get access to a domain market place where you can add aged sites to your network which. You will be able to perform installations and updates, integrate spinning software, drip feed content and much more. If you want to get the full rundown, you can read all the details here.


    What if you really want a PBB to boost your rankings but you don’t want to deal with all the hassle that comes along, and you don’t want to purchase links from public link networks? Well there is an option for you as well. Jon from AuthorityWebsiteIncome will gladly create a PBN for you, and maintain it, all while you benefit from the link juice. If you are ready to pay the prirce, this is defaintely a solid alternative to running your own PBB.

    Have I missed any specific tools? What is your favorite way to manage a PBB? If you enjoyed this post, please share it with the world.