This list of top 10 useful websites are widely used by people for specific tasks but remained unknown to many users and probably unknown to you. If you want to explore interesting & useful new websites then you can get the complete list here which will increase productivity in your life.

#1 Woo Rank

Everything you need to know about your website

It is a website analyzer tool. If you have a website & you are really serious about its on-page & off-page optimization then this is a must try analyzer that I recommend for you. You just enter your website URL & press enter. It will give a full detailed analysis of your website. It shows you which part of your website needs to be fixed as well as errors with your site optimization. It is a totally a free service. If you think you can fix the problems then go ahead. If you have some extra bucks to spend then you can sign up for the premium plan and Woorank will fix your website.

#2 Virus Total

Online virus scanner

Virus Total is a free online virus scanner. It is always recommended that online scanners are better then offline scanners because online scanners are always updated, therefore giving you the updated results. You can use this free service to detect viruses on files or even in URL’s. You can also use Virus Total to scan mail attachments, this feature make this tool different from others because other scanners only allows you to scan files or URL’s. If you want to keep your system safe from viruses, trojans, malwares etc. which may come with your email attachments, use this tool.

#3 Wolfram Alpha

Best search engine for answers seekers

What do you do if you want to search for something? You Google it of course. But sometimes Google is not enough to give the correct answers because it shows only links related to the query & sometimes it is very disappointing when you aren’t able to find the answers that you are looking for specifically. If you want to get answers related to mathematics, science formulas & more complicated topics, I recommend Wolfram Alpha. Perhaps the first time you use it you will feel little uncomfortable, as with anything new it takes time to get used to it. But once you start getting answers from it or learn how to use this search engine, you will never open Google again.

#4 Print What You Like

Edit & print any web page without clutter

Well the title explains what this website can do and you may start thinking that it is just a normal tool which can print website URL’s. Well, that’s not exactly correct. The site can print any website page without clutter which seems like a normal feature but the best part is that you can edit the page content according to your choice. For example if you want to remove or edit any part of website like images, headers, titles etc., then you can do it easily by choosing the part you want to edit or remove. This is a free service whereby after signup you can get more features which are also free.

#5 URL Metrics

Simplified website stats & valuation

You can find all the details of high authority websites such as analysis, visitors, content, links, server etc.. Perhaps you’re not able to get data from your website if it is a new website or has a low data. You can always use this website to get data from your favorite websites which you generally follow. However it is not as beneficial as WooRank but still quite useful. You can also see your web stats on this website.

#6 Egg Timer

A simple but creative timer

It is a very simple timer. You can use this tool if you often use time but are bored with that. You can use it for a change. Well I have nothing much to say about this website because I don’t use timer even in my smartphone but I am sure there are millions of users who are using timer or stopwatch and for them this would be a great website.

#7 CoralCDN

Access down or offline websites

Ever tried to open a website that you need but for some reason it shows errors like offline, server crashed, etc. If yes then you can use this website to open that particular website. You need this in very specific times when you need to open the website for a particular thing & you know is only available in that particular website. It is good to bookmark this website because who knows when you need it!

#8 Random

Pick random things, numbers, coins & more

This is a heaven for random things. It comes with both paid & free version but the good thing is most of important services are free. If you often looking for random coins ideas, pictures, numbers etc. then you can try this website. You can download their Android & iOS app for free.

#9 Mywot

Check trustworthy websites

If you’re a Chrome user then you can use this tool to check the health of the website. Mywot is a free Chrome extension which allows you to check which website is good & which one is bad for your system. It gives you the ratings, reputations of trustworthy websites. It is a most essential tool if you want to protect your system from malicious websites.

#10 One Load

Upload videos in multiple websites in single click

If you are one who uploads new videos to multiple social networking sites like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo etc. then you know how time consuming it is. If you want to save lots of precious time then you can try this website to deploy your videos in multiple websites. That’s not it – you can also get reports, analytics etc. related to your website.

Hope you like my top 10 useful website list. Stay update for more websites at alychidesigns. If you have a website which you think should be here in the list then feel free to suggest in the comments.