#1 Four Sided T-Shirt | 4-Design Patterns in One T-Shirt

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Having trouble of friends finding that you’re wearing the same t-shirt again and again. This is definitely a great trick from 2017. For those who runs their feet outside, you may not want others to track your movement and location. By having this t-shirt means you will have 3 other options, so that you can “change” your shirt in just a few seconds.

This is one of the most versatile T-shirt. The Q-shirt (Quad-face t-shirt) is a single layer t-shirt (160 gram/m2 fabric) that features no wrinkle material and is designed by Uztzu. Made of recycled fabric, Q-shirt is handmade in Italy by a group of creative artisans. They use non-allegic water-based inks to give you an odorless and germs-free shirt. No iron needed.

Also, by using the nano-technology yarn, Uztzu always keeps the shirt dry and comfortable. Therefore, it eliminates bad smell from the long hours of wearing, and is bacterial proof. Each of the tee is expected to be sell at around $120, but under their new campaign, you can get it as low as just $80.

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#2 The iPhone Dock Reinvented | Lecan I/O

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If you always have trouble of phone cables tangling or misplaced, worry not, you are just like thousands of users out there. Having a dock for charging phones isn’t just tidy things up, but also train yourself to charge your phones at the same spot every time.

Lecan is a MFi certified charging dock for your iPhone. It allows you to charge your phone while listening to music or even answering a phone call, simultaneously. That is especially great for iPhone 7/Plus which have no headphone jack port. Connecting via USB to your laptop, it has a lightning port for charging as well as the audio port for standard 3.5mm headphone jack.

With the weight of 300 grams (10.59 oz), Lecan has a modern aluminium design in minimalistic. The Flexmech design allows 15° flex forward for easier, safer and smoother undocking experience with one hand. Also, It supports audio with microphone feature for full telephony connectivity. The inner support pads of Lecan compatibles with almost any phone cases, thin or thick.

Lecan is available in multiple colors to fit the style of your phones. It starts at only $69, you can check the availability via the link below to their page.

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#3 Manta Sleep Mask | The 100% Blackout with Personalised Fit

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Sleep is crucial to our health and productivity in daily life. In average, a normal person would spend 1/3 of their life sleeping. Although some people may take it as time-wasting, but it is so important that to ensure you have a better work efficiency and healthy lifestyle. On one hand, sleep quality is affected by a number of factors including noises and stress level. For some light sleepers, a slightest disturbances such as noise or light can wake them up easily.

Manta sleep mask is a personalised fit sleep mask that fully covered your eyes in 100% blackout. We know the regular one-size-fits-all sleep masks are not snugly fit to your face, nose and eye contours. Manta sleep mask features an adjustable modular design of 2 eyepieces made of comfortable memory form. It covers up your eyes entirely and comfortably with no extra pressure on your eyelids. Made of breathable cotton, the sleep mask has elastic stretch band for best fit with anti-slip gel at the back.

“Oh, i can’t see anything”

Weight of 30g, Manta sleep mask comes with a pair of memory form earplugs too. It is suitable for power nap, jet lag and noisy roommates. Manta is available for just $6, if you able to grab some earlier, you can enjoy a huge discount up to 80%. Check out the link below to improve your sleep quality like never before.

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#4 Flagship Grill Pan | The Ultimate Fat-reducing Pan

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Healthy food isn’t healthy anymore if you cook the wrong way. Food that fried, greasy and high sugar are often linking to cardiovascular diseases and correlated with high blood pressure and diabetes. Tasty and healthy are not always come along, therefore we must reduce the oil and sugar intake in our daily food.

Here is a smartly engineered grill pan with artistically iron stamp. It has two designs of iron stamps — America flag and Mountain Springs design, while allowing all the excess oil and grease to flow through the drainage to the reservoir. In this way, you will cook a less-greasy bacon with more grill-like crispy ridges.

Other than the food, the pan’s oil reservoir is positioned outside of the grilling zone, thus reducing splashes and smells. Gas or induction cooker, Flagship Grill Pan does it all. Also, thanks to the thermostibilizing bottom, this pan offers more uniform heat distribution within the grilling zone and make cooking faster and easier.

The Flagship Grill Pan is now available for just $95 on Kickstarter. Early backers can save up to 46% of discount rate off future retail price.

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#5 Temkho | The Hygienic Towel Infused With Charcoal

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Every time after we clean ourselves, a bath towel kept us dry, clean and comfortable by absorbing large amount of water, dirt and body oils. As one of the hardest working household item, a regular bath towel is often tear, pill, fluffy, lose color and not comfortable as it used to be. Most importantly, they took a long time to dry. Choosing a great towel’s fibers may not seems like a big deal, but a bad one will facilitate bacteria to grow and make you sick!

Temkho is an ultra-comfy bath towel that imbued with charcoal powder. As a natural antibacterial agent, charcoal effectively keeps thousands of germs away while hastening the dry-up speed. As wet towel speed up microbes growing, Temkho makes the towel dries 30% faster and left no odor. Made of 84% cotton and 16% viscose, it is built to last 5 times longer than regular bath towel. Also, to maximise its performance, it has a 430 GSM (grams per square meters) for quick dry while keeping best absorption ability.

Temkho is available in 4 sizes — face towel (13 x 15″), hand towel (19 x 38″), bath towel (29 x 58″) and bath sheet (39 x 71″). Starting from just $26 with free shipping (USA/Germany), you can choose from a number of packages while enjoying a fair discounted price.

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