As we grow older, people starts to travel a lot. We love to move around, gain new experience, meet new people, and constantly looking for excitement that has never been enough. Decades ago, when mankind used to fighting over each other to get more territories, now we finally have the chance to learn more about other languages and cultures in respect.

Leaving your comfort zone and entering a new one means that you will have to open your mind to accept new prospective and knowledge. One of the fun part about travel is that, it can build and strengthen the social bond with your friends and family.

On one hand, escape yourself for a short while from busy urban life and head over to the new land is definitely a way to reduce tension and stress, which can boost your health too.

So, when is your next vacation trip?

In BoyGadgets, we can’t help much in lifting your stressed out working tension, but here we got some new travel gadgets 2017 for your holiday trip that will certainly make more fun.

#5 Lambo Backpack Carrier

Having a trip with your furry friends? Sometime human are not reliable…nah just kidding. You know what’s the feeling when you’re the only one left at home, not good huh. Here we solve the problem with this bag, unless your pet is some kind of giant size creature, this carrier is a backpack carrier for your dog, cat, or small size pet that can be fit right in.

Your pet is part of the family and he deserves the fun.

Made by dog owner himself, Daniel had tired of the bad quality pet carrier in the market, so he decided to make a better one. It is a lightweight comfortable backpack and carrier 2-in-1 that made with Oxford fabric. It features a good in ventilation and expandable left-right wings for more compartment and visual points. A luxury house for pet!

Moreover, to save you from lots of trouble, Lambo is approved by Major Airlines. It is now funding on Kickstarter from just $39, check out the link to learn more.

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#4 Speakeasy Briefs

As part of the travelling plan, we usually had all our valuables with us almost all the time. Especially when travel to some developing countries, pickpockets are everywhere and way smarter than you think. So, how do we prevent to become one of the victim? Well, there are actually nothing much we can do.

The only advise from me is to keep all essentials like keys, wallets and cards in secret, hidden and closer to you. When i say closer, it literally means closer, very close. Here we have a very cool underwear with a secret front stash pocket that looks kinda weird at first, but functionality overload!

Hiding your valuables in your private part is no longer a dream, this underwear does everything. You can use it to hide stuff as big as 6oz Hip Flask, or as small as a condom and use it anytime. By the way, the tagline for Speakeasy Briefs is “legends come prepared”.

This awesome underwear is selling at only $24 in Amazon. Also, it’s made by modal, cotton and spandex, so should be quite soft and comfortable for long hours wearing.

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#3 ShelfPack

Traveling is fun but not when comes to packing and unpacking luggage. To fit all your stuff into a suitcase is already not an easy task, well organised? Oh, come on.

ShelfPack is a cool suitcase with shelves. You can simply place all your shirts, socks, underwear and shoes into different compartment, and you are good to go. It makes packing and unpacking a peace of mind, the only thing you need to do is to pull out the supports to lift the shelves. A closet on wheels!

The price however is not enjoyable, ShelfPack is selling at $349 in Amazon. If you think this is not for you, just like everybody else, feel free to check out other alternatives like Travelon Deluxe Packable Shelves which only selling for about $40.

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#2 Hacked Pack

A big fans of staying in the woods? Jungle trekking or hiking, you will need a hammock so that to give your feet a good rest. Plus, taking a nap in jungle is so comfortable and relaxing.

The thumb of rule in the jungle however, is to keep all your belonging light and only bring the necessity. So, how about a bulky hammock bag? You gotta be kidding me.

A smart hammock integrated backpack for lifetime campers. With this, you can virtually to be a homeless anywhere, because water, food and bed are all in your backpack!

Once expanded, it’s 9 feet long and can hold up to 500 pounds. You can conveniently set up and remove the hammock in an instant, quick and easy! The hammock is made by heavy-duty parachute material and has a 20 litre capacity.

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#1 Suitcase Scooter

Walk down a long airport terminal hallway is like an endless marathon race, which you will never get a medal for. It’s even more tiring and frustrating when you have a big and bulky carry-on luggage with you. What if we can combine suitcase with scooter, to become… hmm, Suitscoot?

This scooter suitcase, or micro luggage, is a medium size carry on luggage for adult. It has a weight limit of 220 pounds,  case capacity 26 liters and comes with 2 years of warranty. Most importantly, it grants you the ability to scoot around!

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