I’m sure you know someone in your friends or family are doing construction related works. No matter is professional engineer, welder, electrician, or just a normal person to make a living of, construction working took hours of hard work, stamina, as well as the risk of personal safety. While minor injuries are unavoidable, workers are often committed themselves in life-risking unsafe conditions such as climbing high building, exposure to harmful substances, involves in fire or electricity mishaps, etc.

According to statistic, one in every five workers killed in the job.

Regardless of law implementation, lack of management and fail to follow the correct guidances/procedures are the main cause that responsible to the accident. In most cases, injury related amputation and loss of body parts have a major impact on worker’s life. In spite of compensation, losing of body parts such as fingers and feet may seriously affects one’s ability to work and live. Therefore, safety is the topmost criteria, and the construction tools play a major role.

Here in BoyGadgets, we have compiled some useful and handy tools on Amazon that could be very useful for your home improvement.

#6 Magnetic Wristband — for screws and nails

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All of us have experienced the urge of running around for the dropped or forgotten hardwares, such as  the small bits of nails, bolts, screws, etc. With this magnetic wristband, it turns the nightmare of working on a ladder or some high places easier and safer. Designed for both men and women, the strong magnet will not let you down and is very handy when you’re doing some magic up with your hammer or driller.

Add this little boy to your DIY project, your life will be much easier. Made of 1680D ballistic polyester, it is lightweight and durable, while the magnetic force that strong enough to hold a massive number of nails and screws which including 200 half inch nails, 70 two inch nails, 60 medium and 25 large wood screws.

Each wristband cost for about $14 and you will have a full 90-day warranty to return/refund any defective wristband.

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#5 Paint Runner Pro — No Prep, no mess.

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Painting is such as hassle. Traditional way of painting takes hours to prepare, tape masking, drop sheets, and still lots of time and money wasted. By Renovator, this paint runner revolutionises the way you paint by simply load up your roller by pouring the paint ink through the side inlet, snap on the lid, and there you go. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor, home improvement or professional, this patented paint runner saves every last drop of the paint while creating no mess, drips, nor spills.

Suitable for all sort of wall surfaces, ceiling, furnitures, even your kids can help to get the job done. The well thought design allows you to attach the roller to any broom/mop stick to extend the roller reach. As shows in the picture above, Paint Runner Pro comes with a corner cutter, pourer, flocked edger, resting tray.

You can check the price and availability via the link below to their Amazon page. This product is available on June 30 and meanwhile you can “Add to Cart” so that to be the first one get this when it’s ready.

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#4 Belt Buckle Multitool – 12 in 1

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Multitool may not be strong enough to replace the actual knife or clipper, but getting a multi-tool with you is much more easier when tackling some minor tasks. There’re quite a lot of multitools in the market with different designs, but this one is definitely an underrated one. Guess what? it can be disguised as the unique belt buckle under your waist. Professionalism in its finest!

This multitool is sturdy and highly versatile. It comes in 12 tools in 1, including a bolt/nut gripper, screw drivers (small, medium and Phillips), scissors, straight edge blade, wire cutter, 3-sided file, bottle opener, ruler, cramper and pliers. The best part, use it only when you need it, or as a belt buckle when you don’t.

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#3 Anti Gravity Paint Tray Palette

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Similar to the previous paint runner, but in a whole new way. Paint2it is an innovative paint tray palette that is anti-gravity and hold up to 12oz of paint at a time. It gives you the convenience without running back and forth just to refill your paint again, and again. A “paint” in the arse, some say. This anti gravity paint tray palette allows you to load up different colours without mixing them, and even if you accidentally drops the tray, no spills!

Paint2it can be held at any angle without dripping nor creating mess for you. It saves your time and money and paint much faster than old fashion paint tray. Also, if you happen to use multiple colors at a time, simply snaps the new paint trays on the holder, and there you go. It is reusable and washable with water.

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#2 Stylish Multitool Pen

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Legends come prepared! This is a modern multitool pen for construction site business man.

They said the pen is mighty than sword. This tech pen looks like a normal ball pen but hidden with lots of cool features including ballpoint pen, touch screen stylus, phillips/flat head screwdriver, spirit level, and a ruler/scale. Metallic hexagonal design with a classy matt-black finish, this tech tool pen is the actual handy pen you want to own.

Also, this pen is lightweight and give you a good metal feel. It’s refillable, you can purchase the ink separately once it’s finished. The ruler is removable, so its possible to use the pen and ruler at the same time.

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#1 Multi Functional Axe – Fire starter & Saw

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Here we come to the first place, the multi-functional axe.

This isn’t your regular axe, this 14″ axe is suitable for camping and comes with a modern black matt color. It has a weight of approximately 2 lbs  covered in long textured plastic handle for a maximal grip while giving you stronger striking force. Despite of its plastic look, the blade is made of 420 stainless steel perfect for any heavy duty chopping work.

To survive in the wood, you need fire. This all-in-one axe comes with a fire starter and a 12″ saw knife for light sawing duty. The saw is kept inside the hollow handle which is in-place by nylon strap and metal snap, you so can take it out when situation called.

This handy axe is available for just ~$25 on Amazon, and has 1-year warranty plus 60 days free return. You can check the latest price via the link below to the page.

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