Trakkies Ambient Intelligence Brings Workplaces Together

Miniature, disk-shape microcomputers, Trakkies nodes attach to intelligent devices of all stripes. banding together to create creative, collaborative environments. Much like many brain cells work together to form the human brain, Trakkies help connected devices come together and become much more than the sum of their parts.

Building on the digital trackers many people use to track keys and other items, Trakkies use an ad-hoc geo-social mesh network and a custom-designed interface tailored to your work environment, tracking and curating data on connected devices. Based on that data, Trakkies know who is at work, where that person (or at least their device) is, and what they’re up to.

Trakkies take the Internet of Things to the next level, seamlessly taking data collected in the course of everyday business and sharing it with all members of a team. With Trakkies, last-minute meetings become easier, because there’s no more wondering where everyone is and if they’re on their way. Coworkers can set up friendly competitions, communal goals, and even automated messages of “job well done” for work completed. Last but not least, should someone leave their device in the restroom again, Trakkies can help with that too.