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One of the most difficulties with normal headphones is the distraction caused by outside noises. In other words, most headphones do a poor job of blocking out the noises of the world around us. This can be a deal breaker for those wishing to listen to their music in peace and quiet. Even some of the most expensive headphones on the market have this problem. Fortunately, there is a gadget designed to solve this very problem. The Comply Premium Earphone Tips take advantage of unique foam technology to help enhance the listener’s experience.

The Comply company has developed special foam tips that fit onto the ends of standard headphones. The unique foam tips utilize what is called viscoelastic memory in order to form to the shape of each user’s ear canal at body temperature. This means that each user receive’s a bespoke fit, making every headphone fit that much better. Furthermore, the size of your ear canal varies with body temperature and movement. With the unique foam technology, Comply tips will always form to fit the correct size and shape.

The tight fit accomplished with the foams tips helps to retain more low frequency energy. This means that bass sounds will remain fuller and intact. This will enhance the overall sound quality for listeners. The Comply Foam Tips are designed to ensure optimized friction to keep the tips from falling out or moving around. Built-in filters can also be added to keep sweat, ear wax and other unwanted debris form clogging the headphones and destroying the listening experience.. Overall, the Comply Foam tips over 100% better grip than traditional silicone tips. They are also 30x softer and more comfortable giving those ears a much needed rest.

Another great feature of the Comply Foam Tips is the enhanced quality of sound. They offer less than a 2db transmission loss. Also, these foam tips are designed 10x thicker than standard in order to reduce the interference from outside noises. This keeps listeners from turning up their volume to uncomfortable heights in order to drown out the external noise. With Comply Foam Tips, users get a better listening experience while being able to listen on lower volumes. These foam tips come with adjustable ends to help fit the size of most headphones. Instead of spending money on different headphones, users can purchase the Comply Foam Tips and instantly transform any pair of headphones.