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A new revolution in drain protection has arrived: The Tubshroom! Designed to fit into any standard drain, the Tubshroom effortlessly catches each strand of hair every time you take a shower. Just pop this baby into the drain and watch it work. There is no special installation. No exposed hairs while showering. And cleanup is a breeze.

The brainchild of Glen Cove, New York residents Serge and Elena Karnegie, the Tubshroom was created because of their frustration with having to constantly clean hair out of the drains. Between the Karnegie’s two young daughters and many pets, they had a major problem on their hands. After partnering up with some colleagues and a bit of crowdfunding, their idea was up and running. The response for the Tubshroom has been overwhelming.

The TubShroom is guaranteed to do remove hair without fuss in a few easy steps:
Place Tubshroom inside 1.5 inch drain
Hair wraps neatly around the Tubshroom’s cylinder
Pull the Tubshroom out in one quick snap
Effortlessly pull hair off cylinder and discard

What could be simpler than that? Tubshroom is the perfect way to prevent a clogged drain and it’s very easy to clean. Who needs dangerous, pipe-damaging drain cleaners, pipe snakes or calling an expensive plumber to remove clogged hair?

The Tubshroom is so easy to use that you don’t need special instructions. Just pop it in and go about your business. When it works, you don’t even have to worry about it disrupting the water flow. This is smart protection that won’t hit you in the pocketbook.

So, if you have shedding pets or family members that shed hair when they shower, the Tubshroom is exactly what you need. Not only is it effective in keeping your drain clog-free, cleanup is a breeze.