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Let’s face the fact the standard old fashioned wallets have pretty much gone the way of the dodo. Ekster is producing exceptional and top quality smart wallets with slick high tech features. Options are broad and cover a variety of needs for the discerning customer and budget.

Technological choices include RFID/NFC card block, TrackR Card (an incredible alert system for when you lose your wallet), Bluetooth capability, Solar Power, Crowd GPS network recovery, Hidden compartments to protect your cash, and Quick Access to your cards at the touch of a button. There are also wallet versions that slide right on to your smartphone.

Digital life has instilled a fast spin on to everything, Ekster smart wallets indeed help keep it all together in one place. After all of that has been said, do you want to go back to your stone aged wallet? Of course, you don’t. Go check out Ekster and their futuristic line of smart wallets. You will be very satisfied you did.