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Are you tired of giving just normal gifts and using the same old gift wrapping? Do you want to give a “conversation piece” that will give a total “cool” presentation? An original and attractive set of designer gifts will surprise your loved ones or friends.

This Compact Industrial-Design Gift Package includes :

Set of four originally designed palette coasters; a Kit with three original mini-storage shipping cargo crates in small, medium, and large and a set of Salt and Pepper Traffic Cones shakers.

Doron Andre Hadar, the owner of Design Studio Labyrinth Barcelona, adds that their custom gifts are also packed with lots of love when they surprise the lucky gift receiver!

After working in crafts and design fields in the USA, Germany, Israel, and The Netherlands, Hadar ended up in Spain where he fell in love with the Spanish way of life and a spirit that often sparks some of the studio’s products.

This studio works in the fields of product design, print, and web. The combined talents a hub of graphic and industrial designers in the heart of the Gracia neighborhood in Barcelona have created a mission to design useful and environmentally friendly products with a goal to spice up the lives of the recipients, bring more fun into their lives, and make them smile.

They believe in designing pieces with some kind of “twist “ by taking everyday practical home and office products and giving them a new meaning, often with an industrial touch, as they have done with this gift package. To achieve that goal, they try to awaken their “inner kid “ as the inspiration for the whole process.

Visit the webshop and see all the extraordinary designs of customized products to give you many gift-giving ideas.