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Introducing Unruly Splats – a product which will ensure that your kids enjoy their STEM learning through play! Splats are interactive floor buttons which are programmable through an electronic device. Kids can code the Splats to light-up, make sounds and control the sensing when you jump on them to play any game that they want to create! Kids can play with the Splats in different ways. They can jump on, step on or press them with their hands. Another interesting feature about these playing devices is connectivity. You connect to them using a wireless connection through your smartphone, personal computer, and tablet to control them giving kids the freedom to create any they want and use the space in whichever way they want to.

The Unruly Splats are very interactive. The kids learn to code and physically play the game with their friends, siblings or parents. The features engage the mental, social, and physical aspects of your kid all at once. It includes social interaction, innovation, project-based learning, physical activity, and computer programming.

Entering and Altering Game Codes
A key benefit of the Splats is they allow the kids to develop whichever game they want. All they need to do is come up with the rules of the game that they want to play. After that, you can code these rules into the devices via a kids-friendly programming language. You can use your phone, tablet or laptop.

Kids always want to keep innovating new games. Also, they may want to make changes to the same game to increase/decrease the difficulty level. Altering the first codes of the same game is easy. You can access the codes on the devices you entered them at first and edit them. Changing the code is as easy as changing the rule of the game.

Sharing the Game
The developers did not forget that sharing the game will help your kids enjoy playtime. With Unruly Splats, you will become a member of the online community where all the players can share their game creations and download creations of the other players too. There is nothing better than playing a game developed by your friend or sharing your creations with your friends. Also, it means that your kids will not run out of games to play because of this sharing feature. Sharing the games is easy with the Unruly Community, you just need to go online.

Fostering Innovation
Unruly Splats allow your kids to make custom games. Also, they can edit the original code that they used. The ability to share enables them to challenge each other. The ability to do this will make them more creative.