Serpstash: Complete SEO Toolkit for SEO Professionals and Entrepreneurs


The world of SEO is evolving and transforming at a massive pace, and SEO professionals, internet entrepreneurs, and online marketing experts are having a hard time catching up.

When the choices are limited, it is easier to differentiate the good from the bad and vice versa. However, in the world of search engine optimization and marketing, there are practically endless choices in terms of SEO companies, tools, applications, information, guides, and more.

It has made it difficult for the SEO based entrepreneurs and professionals to narrow down on few of the essential apps and tools they can trust for getting results for themselves or their clients.


One of the new toolkits that have recently hit the SEO world is SERPstash, which has become highly popular among the entrepreneurs, SEO professionals, and internet marketers, and rightly so.

It comes with a comprehensive SEO tool that helps with competitor research, keyword research, and website audit. These are the three phases in which one analyzes the website to know about its SEO standing and statistics.

The results derived from these tests helps in devising the SEO campaign that is result-oriented and effective. SEO professionals cannot do anything without proper data and statistics and have to rely on search tools and applications for the information they use to devise SEO strategies and campaigns.

SERPstash provides 21 free SEO tools that cover everything SEO professionals would want to know about the website, starting from Google SERP to Alexa Rank and from Top Search Queries to Poor Backlinks, Speed Test, Link Analysis, Mobile Support, and more.

The best part is that SERPstash is a completely free toolkit (they do have a paid option with more features, as well).

The company aims to expand its toolkit’s content from time to time and add more tools and applications for the benefit of its users.

Having all these SEO tools in one place is highly useful for the SEO professionals as they do not have to wander from one service to another while auditing a website or getting its SEO stats.

Getting started with SERPstash is quick and easy and all one needs to do is to sign-up at the company’s site and become a member, and it unlocks all the SEO tools it offers for the use of the member. SERPstash understands the struggle for SEO professionals and online marketing specialists who have to go through scores of SEO tools and applications to get the right figures and SEO statistics. SERPstash aims to help website owners and SEO professionals get accurate results with their SEO campaigns without having to spend a fortune.

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Promotehour 2.0 – The Newest Way to Promote Your Startup

Promotehour 2.0 is an application designed with entrepreneurs in mind. It’s a program meant for giving your venture massive PR coverage to a list of only the most relevant media outlets, taking all of the guesswork and time out of pitching your ideas. Best of all, the list is absolutely free; agencies would charge you an astronomical premium.

Promote 2.0’s media outlet list is well over 1100, meaning you’ll have a big impact and a great start to your newest startup campaign. Get the word out there with a simple application that’s easy to navigate; pitching is just a click away.

All links are provided to media outlet sites, where to pitch your idea, and the outlets’ recognizable icons are right there on display, all from your smartphone device. The team at Promotehour 2.0 is constantly updates and making the app better and better, making pitching your startup more convenient than ever.

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Refly – For all you bloggers (and mac lovers)

Refly is a new mac app that will help you get that blog post written. The team behind refly calls it a smart editor – I will be testing it today and I can’t wait. All us mac users have been left alone with no SEO focused tools, for tool long, but this is seemingly starting to change (verrrryyy slowely…) 

Refly is an app that connects to your wordpress blog (and facebook page, and medium account), allowing you to write directly in the app, and post it up to your wordpress blog automatically, with no need to log in to the wordpress control panel and do the manual posting. This naturally means you won’t be able to do all the fancy plugin actions you can do from within the wordperss control panel, but that might just be a good thing (in my opinion). There are however, some other benefits to using Refly such as the ability to set goals, find synonyms, track keyword usage, etc. 

As mentioned above, I am yet to give this app a go. If you need access to all your third party plugins, shortcodes and what not, this might not be for you – but if you, like me, want to focus on content, this might one of the first awesome seo focused apps for mac – oh, and it’f free of charge. What’s not to like? 

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Quuu Story, Bro

quuu social automation

Whether you’re looking to share your own story or looking for relevant content that matters to you and your audience, Quuu has you covered. Quuu boasts a wide range of features including content suggestions, post scheduling, and content recycling.

next level social media automation

Make sure your audience sees your content when you want them to see it with the Quuu Scheduler. Spend less time scouring the web for content and managing your time with calendars and alarms. Simply set the dates and times that are optimal for sharing content with your followers and let Quuu take care of the rest. You can add your own posts, or let Quuu send you customized, curated content suggestions on a wide range of relevant topics.

With over 500 categories to choose from, your social media timeline will never be empty again. It’s all in your hands — approve suggestions manually or let Quuu work for you, freeing you to get other things done. If there’s any content you find especially relevant and would like to use again, Quuu makes it easy to ensure that piece makes its way onto your timeline again and again to reach as many people as possible. You can set how many times Quuu should recycle your post and for how long.

Have a seasonal sale you want your followers to know about? Set an expiration date to make sure your audience only sees the details while they’re relevant. Best of all, your evergreen content is stored in your library, ready to be scheduled again the next time.

Best of all, Quuu’s most basic features are free forever. However, for those who would like to get the very most out of everything Quuu has to offer, we recommend the Pro or Small Business plan. You can try each plan free for 14 days, so by all means choose the plan that’s right for you.

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Stay on Top of Everything with Sunsama


Organization is a key skill for just about everyone, from executives to teachers to sales representatives. But whether you have trouble getting all your ducks in a row or just haven’t found the right tools for the job, it can be difficult getting your schedule in order, especially when it involves coordinating with others.

Enter Sunsama

That’s where Sunsama comes in. With Sunsama, you can organize and prioritize your day’s activities more easily and efficiently than ever before, sharing that information with your team at the touch of a button.

Working off your existing Google Calendar functionality, Sunsama allows you to more easily collaborate with others and share events between devices. With the ability to organize different events not only by date but by deadline and even specific groups, you have more control than ever over your daily routine.

Sunsama can set certain events as priorities for the day over others, helping you to stay on topic and tackle the most immediate responsibilities first. You can even break down your commitments by different tasks, helping you better visualize and solve problems as you go about completing your work in steps. Not only that, Sunsama can automatically sync appointments and commitments made in other apps back to your calendar, ensuring you’ll never forget to mark down a date again.

Perhaps the most helpful feature Sunsama has to offer, though, is the ability to takes notes with and talk to others in your group who also use it. Now you can discuss the day’s objectives, set deadlines on a group calendar, and update your objectives in real time as a group all from a single app. Far more efficient than the days of lengthy email chains and passing on half-remembered phone calls between individuals.

This is only a fraction of what you can do with Sunsama, though. To truly understand how useful it can be, try it for yourself and finally learn just how much you can accomplish in one day.

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Push – The Smart Time Tracker for Skype

It’s easy to lose track of time when conversing on applications like Skype; and when it comes to Skype for business, wasting time is simply not an option. Push solves that problem, working alongside Skype to keep track of things so you don’t have to worry about it.

Push logs how long calls are made for down to the second, including what the subject of the call was in the first place. This keeps you and your employees accountable, helping everyone manage their time wisely and keep track of how long certain tasks take to complete. Simply add and manage tasks in a clean, simple to use time sheet all within the app.

You can even monitor all of your employees using Push straight from your smart phone device anytime, anywhere. Make reports from all of the tracked calls so you can stay organized, giving you one less thing to worry about.

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Goodbye, annoying ads. Hello, Inwemo

In most of the history of the internet, there is only two ways to monetize your website content: putting it behind a paywall and ads. Adblocking software is being adopted at an unprecedented rate because users are sick and tired of having their attention being aggressively vied for by whatever google ad services think best fits your customized user profile. Placing your content behind a paywall isn’t always the best answer either because users will just search for similar content that doesn’t require a subscription to use. What if there was a way to monetize your content without forcing ads into your sidebars? This is the solution Inwemo has developed.

Distributed computing has existed for the majority of computer history. An example that co-founder Daniel Wirtz gives in his company’s mission statement is the Search for ExtraTerristrial Intelligence at home project. You can download a simple software suite and crunch some numbers while your computer is idle to help find intelligent life beyond our planet. With the advent of cryptocurrencies, this idle CPU time can now be used to verify transactions for a small pay out of a cryptocurrency of your choosing. User devices are becoming more and more powerful every year which leaves a lot of room left for a device simply displaying static web content to do other tasks. This is where Inwemo comes in.

Inwemo allows your website to task your user’s device mine Monero, a cryptocurrency, while the owner is viewing your content. Inwemo asks for the user’s consent to use the displaying device for this task, which is arguably more ethical than using ads, as no one consented to view ads when they originally viewed your website. The user’s time spent on your website is used to verify transactions and mine Monero, resulting in a streamlined, monetized website. Every day per user visiting your website translates to about $1.19USD payout, depending on the current exchange rate of Monero. There are no downloads required by the user, simply clicking the “I accept” button begins monetizing your visitor’s computing time and resources. Your visitor can now support your website even while using an adblocker.

If you own a website and want to appease your visitors by removing ads and using a different method of keeping your servers running, Inwemo is a great solution. Do your part in ridding the web of ads and check out Inwemo here.

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The headline for your blog post is ultimately one of the deciding factors that will determine the success or failure of your post . Grab your readers attention with a killer headline and they might give the body copy a chance. If you get the headline wrong, people will be gone in a matter of seconds.

So how do we find the best click bait worthy headline that will make our readers want to read? Luckily for us, there are tools out there to help us get going. Here are 5 tools you should check out, if you are trying to improve your headlines.

KingSumo Headlines

I have been using this WordPress plugin on some of my other sites for more than a year now and it sure is an awesome plugin! I allows me to test different headlines for my blog posts, to see which ones get the most traffic. It is extremely easy to set up and use, the same is true for studying the results for your tests.

Headlines automatically rotates through all the titles you added for a post. Then, based on the inbound traffic from each title, it automatically prioritizes the one that gets you the most traffic. It’s that simple.

The KingSumo Headline plugin brings me on to the next tool, which is basically the same, but from the guys over at Thrive Themes.

Thrive Headline optimizer​

Headline optimizer from the guys behind Thrive Themes is basically the same as KingSumo Headlines – just better. You got more options, ability to quickly optimize all of your old posts and in my opinion, better reporting. I have recently switched over from KingSumo Headlines to Thrive Headline Optimizer and I am not going back.

With Thrive Headline Optimizer, you will discover which headlines are best at doing what headlines are supposed to do: get your visitor’s attention and get them to keep reading your content.

In addition, the tests are also tracking click-throughs on your blog page, your recent posts widgets and anywhere else where you have posts listed. With these metrics, we can find the headlines that do the best job of lowering your bounce rate and keeping visitors on your site.​

This is the absolutely easiest way I have ever come across, to get more traffic without any additional work. This is an awesome plugin that should be part of everyone’s must-have plugin list.​

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

Already got a headline for your next post in mind? Use the free CoSchedule Headline Analyzer to analyze the strength of your headline.

​The free blog post headline analyzer will score your overall headline quality and rate its ability to result in social shares, increased traffic, and SEO value.

A neat little tool, that can help you write better headlines, all completely free of charge.

Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer

Next on the list is a somewhat similar tool from This tool will, just as the title implies, tell you how emotional your headline is.tool will, just as the title implies, tell you how emotional your headline is.

This free tool will analyze your headline to determine the Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) score. As you know, reaching your customers in an deep and emotional way is a key to successful copywriting, and your headline is unquestionably the most important piece of copy you use to reach prospects.

Simply type in your headline, chose a category and hit submit to get some valuable feedback – oh, and this is also free of charge.

HubSpots Blog Topic Generator

Are you stuck trying to find the perfect headline? And now that you got the Thrive Headline Optimizer, you need to come up with even more headlines. Well lucky you. Simply head over to Hubspots blog topic generator, type in three nouns, and let the tool do it´s magic.

Fill in the fields with terms (preferably nouns) that you’d like to write about, and we’ll come up with a week’s worth of relevant blog post titles in a matter of seconds!​

It might not be perfect, but should be able to get your creative side going, and help to come up with a couple of headlines.

Now get started working on these headlines. Minor tweaks can have a huge impact on your traffic!

What is your favorite tool to help you perfect your headlines? Do you have any tips and tricks for coming up with killer headlines, then share them with us. If you enjoyed this post, please share it with the world.​

Erasing the Cells Between Docs and Spreadsheets: Coda


Now that we got our contacts sorted with this new app, let’s move on to sheets and documents. For many enterprise organizations, a plethora of custom software suites are built and purchased for them to help streamline and organize the workflow of day-to-day operations. However, we still find ourselves defaulting to a spreadsheet or a document shared among other employees to handle these simple tasks. The problem with this method of solving problems is now you have documents that correlate to spreadsheets, in different locations, with different permissions for different users. Wouldn’t it be great to abstract away these headaches? Enter Coda.

Coda points out the glaringly obvious fact that the way spreadsheets and documents are formed haven’t changed much in the past 40 years of computers becoming the staple of any enterprise organization. Coda attempts to solve this problem by combining the calculating horsepower of spreadsheets, the simplicity of documents, and the efficacy of an app all into one product. Coda is unique in that it’s utility is limited only to the creativity of the user.

At it’s very start, Coda is a simple document with a blinking cursor in the top left corner. As your project, business, or company progresses, you can continue to add more features, all into the same coda project. Some examples are Tasks, Email Updates, Sensors, Packaging, Phone Roster, etc. Coda combines these separate tasks into a one-stop-shop, allowing any collaborators to quickly and easily commit to the growing project.

Once your infrastructure within Coda reaches a maintainable state, you can truly see the power behind this application. Calendars can be coordinated for meetings, moving deadlines will allow you to see what cascading effects this will incur, and tasks can be delegated all through your establish Coda project. Best of all, this coordination happens all in once place. Coda gives you the free-flow formats of word as well as relational information best tackled by spreadsheets all within the same document.

Coda is currently in beta and you can sign up for an invitation right here. One user in alpha testing described Coda is like “Minecraft for Docs.” An open world where you construct the best tools to solve your problems, without having to bend to whatever structure your business decided to spend money on a multi-year license for. Here’s to a new age of collaboration and productivity!

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Spectrum Puts Productivity Back Into Your Online Chats


If you have grown frustrated with your ability to find that important email or chat message when you need it most, you are not alone. With more and more people conducting the majority of their conversations in the virtual world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find anything among the myriad of messages that you receive daily. Enter Spectrum.Chat

spectrum chat

You know that the information is there, but you just can’t seem to put your finger on it. This is the very reason that Spectrum was created. The developers of this program felt that nobody should have to spend their precious time trying to track down an important email or community based chat message. The result is a new, more robust chat platform that you can begin enjoying today.

Create Your Own Community

No matter if you are running a home based business (if you do, check out the new SMB app Plutio) or coordinating a major project out of the corporate office, Spectrum has a feature for you that will prove invaluable. You can create your own community where members can interact with one another in a private area of your chat platform. All of those messages will then be automatically sorted and curated, allowing for you to seamlessly search for any piece of communication with ease. The clutter that is typically associated with chat based programs is removed, leaving you with a clean slate upon which to conduct your work.

Increase Your Productivity Over Time

While all chat programs are designed to take place in real time, Spectrum takes it a step further than that. The conversations that take place in each of your communities will continue to add value to your project over time. This is because every discussion that takes place is done in a collaborative manner that can then be sorted and collated for your use at a later time. You will find that your productivity increases over time as a result. You will be able to share ideas more openly, knowing that each brainstorming concept that is presented can be recalled at a later date as you see fit.

spectrum chat 2

To be successful in today’s competitive and global marketplace, you need to make use of tools such as Spectrum. The increase in productivity that this one resource will bring to your team will prove to be invaluable. Live conversations will take place all around you, each one recorded for use at a later date. That is what you will get with Spectrum.

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Rank Tracking with SERP Watcher

rank tracking with SERP Watcher

I recently covered a new SEO tool named SERP Stash.

If that tool did’nt perfect your seo needs, you may want to take a clooser look at this new rank tracking tool from the team behind KW Finder – SERP Watcher. SERP Watcher is a new serp tracking / rank tracking service from mangools – the guys behind KWFinder.With lots and lots of rank tracking services on the market, SERP Watcher is different in that it saves your time by allowing you to see estimated visits, dominance index and ranking distribution charts, as well as daily rankings, all on one screen.

If you got a KWFinder subscription you will also get access to SERP Watcher, free of charge. If you want to test the service before you buy, mangools offer a free subscription allowing you to track a total of 3 keywords.KWFinderalready made a name for itself in the im space, as a smooth, simple and modern alternative to competing services. I am sure serp watcher will follow the same path, and become one of the preferred choices for many people as the go-to service for rank / serp tracking.

SERP Watcher is currently in beta, but I expect it will be open for the public sometime before the end of this year.

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FullContact for Chrome

If You Use Chrome, You’ll Love This Web App.

Introducing the handy, insightful app FullContact for Chrome. It’s a must-have for Gmail and Inbox email users. It offers simplistic information about your contacts with just one click, all without having to leave your inbox. See their social media accounts such as Twitter and Linkedin right below their profile picture for even easier, faster communication.

You’ll also conveniently find their phone number, place of business, and any teams they are a part of to save you from having to lose valuable work time making notes of clients and contacts. Add tags about what your contacts bring to the table; such as their professionalism and ease to communicate with.

You can even include notes, making finding valuable team members all around less time-consuming. It’s easier than ever to collaborate and finish projects and proposals, making it practical and extremely effective for any professional, all in an easy to download Google Chrome extension.

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AT-UI – A Web Developer’s New Best Friend

AT-UI is the perfect app for web-coders, keeping all of your UIs and CSS codes in one convenient place. This application is based on Vue; it’s the UI framework for it, meaning the two go perfectly hand-in-hand. The API is friendly, and AT-UI is simple to use as it’s CSS Style independent, meaning it creates user interfaces that are consistent and bug-free.

AT-UI is a webpack, an NPM, and babel front-end development workflow tool all-in-one. This app supports ES2015: the latest version of Javascript programming language which improves upon the older version with features such as let and const, arrow functions and template strings.

The UI design is stylish, hosts a modern library, and looks clean. AT-UI is a must have for your web designing projects that helps keep you inspired by its ease of use alone. It’s incredibly versatile for a multitude of code types and experienced or amateur designers.

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Cardhop redefines contacts apps


An address book is among the major parts of any mobile phone. And since most people rarely the many phone numbers in their phones, it is crucial to have a good contact manager app. Unfortunately, most built-in contact apps that come with phones are a bit frustrating since majority lack up-to-date information. Luckily, the Cardhop contact app is here to provide a better choice with modern architecture and innovative features for the Mac users. Some of the unique features that make Cardhop an outstanding application include its flexibility, convenience, and smartness.


Cardhop lives in your menu bar and you can conjure it with whatever key combo you dole out. You can likewise confine it, move it, and even extend it full screen on the off chance that you truly need to. Set up is super basic — simply give Cardhop consent to get to the macOS contacts database, and you are ready. Additionally, you have the freedom to choose on your favorite them, either light or dark. The highly flexible app even lets you easily toggle between servers and groups.


While the application is just for macOS, the more significant part of its contacts administration depends on iCloud, Gmail, and different contacts records you match up through the practical framework’s worked in accounts apparatus. That implies every one of the progressions you make in Cardhop will be exchanged to your telephone or email customer, so you’ll have the capacity to utilize them somewhere else — regardless of the possibility that the helpful administration highlights won’t be available.

Moreover, the menu bar app is quickly accessible, and you can also make use of the quick action buttons that allow you to select an action swiftly.When open, Cardhop presents you with an all-around manicured rundown of late contacts. Not a garbage drawer of each incomplete, divided email address you’ve gotten or tricked throughout the years, however a short, exceptionally glanceable rundown of individuals you may need to contact next. On the off chance that any contact has a birthday coming up, that is featured as well.


Apart from supporting other applications such as Telegram, FaceTime, Skype, and iMessage among others, Cardhop also presents a single standard dialect input field lets you rapidly look, include, edit, and interact with the people in your address book. Cardhop does not attempt to reinvent the wheel but relies on the already existing contacts syncing service. Therefore, as soon as you have added an iCloud account to the app, you will have similar connections in Cardhop application. When you alter data in Cardhop, the application utilizes the same database. So all that you modify in Cardhop is going to adjust with your iPhone and different gadgets immediately.

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Plutio – The Agile Business Management Platform


There is no shortage of tools to help you plan, prioritize, and optimize every single aspect of your day to day tasks, in your personal and professional life. One of my recent favorite apps to help me manage my contacts is CardHop. I also got high expectations for Coda. Today, I will take a closer look at a new and exciting project management app, Plutio.

Under the right circumstances, some business management and productivity apps can save you time and effort. Unfortunately, such a large number of these apps exist that finding good ones, and getting them to all work in concert, can be an almost impossible task. This is where the revolutionary business management application called Plutio comes into the picture.

Plutio helps freelancers and small teams to centralize all of their business management functions in one place. This saves time, effort, and ultimately helps our clients to improve their bottom lines. Whether you need assistance with your tasks, projects, invoices, contacts, or management functions, Plutio has something to satisfy your needs.

what can you do with Plutio

mobile and desktop apps
Plutio enables you to virtually take your business with you anywhere that you go. Whether you run one business or many, you can monitor and manage all of them from your single Plutio account. This capability includes real-time project activity feeds that lets you visually monitor and control all or your ventures. Plus, you can take advantage of our 24-hour online and phone support-specialists who stand ready to assist you in using Plutio.


Plutio automates many routine business task-management functions. Users can set up primary business related tasks and create automatic checklists to ensure that jobs get done. The included centralized description file allows our clients to create detailed descriptions about each task, and also to display these comments to specific audiences.


Plus, the Plutio tasks program allows users to set and monitor deadlines, automate routines tasks, and delegate jobs to specific people.


Plutio’s Projects feature allows our clients to create project overviews for each of their business ventures. This birds-eye view makes it easy to track the ongoing status of different projects and alter workflow timetables as needed. The Project program also allows for direct file-uploads and private communications between project members.


The Plutio Invoice feature makes it easy for small business owners to link up with a number of payment systems. These include:

Bank Accounts
Plus, Plutio allows users to conduct business in multiple currencies, automatically track invoices, and keep an eye on receivables.


The Plutio platform makes it easy for users to access a complete, centralized list of their business contacts. Each Plutio contact includes a dedicated profile that includes specific, personalized information about the related contact person. Plus, the Contact function includes a universal calendar with information about planned tasks, ongoing projects, invoices, and contacts.

Plutio has all the tools to help individual operators and small teams succeed in today’s demanding business environment. Available as an app for desktops/mobile devices and online, Plutio gives users access to the power of centralized business management.

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My Time Zone: The Temporal Translator

My Time Zone is a simple and intuitive web browser extension for both scheduling and everyday use.

Whether you are handling details from a business email or checking the broadcast time for your favorite show, My Time Zone gives you a one-click method to ensure you know what time it is. After a swift and straightforward installation process, all you need to do is highlight the text of the time in the web browser window and right-click it.

This displays the highlighted time converted to your local time zone. This will work for any text available via the web browser. The will be no more misunderstandings when you make plans giving you more time to focus on what is important to you.

If you happen to be a traveler, you still need not worry as My Time Zone use your internet connection to find the “local” time zone automatically and never needs further interaction.

Add My Time Zone to your web browser today and never again worry about knowing when to be where you want to

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Easy designs with Crello

With Crello, a free design tool, it’s both easy and fun to be a graphic designer. You can choose from any of 10,000 available templates, categorized into 30 different formats, to make your own personalized designs. The possibilities of what you can create are virtually endless- from graphics for social media posts to blog entries, online event invites, advertisements, and posters.

You can add text to 65 million stock images, store them in completely free, unlimited storage space, and even upload your own content, such as fonts and images, to add to every single one of your creations if you would like. And, if you don’t know where to start, Crello can suggest a number of different design formats tailored specifically to you right from the start, based off of your personal or professional tastes, or give you a look at an endless variety of inspriation graphics to kick-start your creative juices- because with Crello, everyone is a designer.

get it here – up your bookmarks

Stash is a new bookmarking app and it looks awesome. Bookmarking has been around since the inception of the internet and yet an area with very little to no innovation. Stash is about to change that in a manner similar to how mailbox tried to change the email space. I cannot wait to get my hands on this!

When I look at my bookmark bar in the upper part of my chrome window, its just a mess. It has always been that way, and up until very recently, I was sure it was going to stay that way. Now, I am actually starting to think there might be a chance I can get that damn thing cleaned up, once and for all.

To the team over at – I haven’t tried this yet, but I am pretty sure it isn’t too early to say thank you!

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