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Setting up a camp has never been easier than with the Blue Ridge Camping Hammock. This lightweight tent hammock, which has a total weight of 4.25 lbs., serves the dual purpose of both a hammock and a tent and frees up precious packing space. The simple setup and extreme flexibility allow you to quickly hang and secure the tent to any two sturdy supporting elements, or you can set it up on the ground if trees or poles are not available.

Unlike other, similar hammocks, the Blue Ridge Camping Hammock has a system of bars that spread out the hammock and equalize the weight-bearing across the hammock’s floor. This adds a sturdier and roomier feel to the hammock, and you will be able to easily move around, stretch and roll over. The arch poles hold the canopy up and keep the rainfly from making contact with the netting, which minimizes possible condensation build-up.

A Good Night’s Sleep with Blue Ridge Camping Hammock

The netting prevents bugs from entering the hammock to ensure a mosquito-free sleep, and you will rest easier knowing that other critters won’t be sharing the tent with you. The rainfly is water proof and sealed along the seams, and the entire hammock is coated with urethane. The body of the hammock is constructed with ripstop-nylon and poly pack cloth.

The Blue Ridge Camping Hammock comes with a stuff sack, poles, a rain fly, two interior storage pockets and two o-rings in the ceiling for hanging your items. The hammock bed measurements are 90 inches by 42 inches with a total weight of 4.25 lbs. The weight limit is 275 lbs. Straps for attaching to supports are not included.

Whether you are primitive camping or setting up at a full-service site, the Blue Ridge Camping Hammock is a great choice for your sleeping area. Walking in, choosing a viable site and setting up is a breeze with this extremely versatile tent hammock. A refreshing and comfortable night is awaiting you, with just the netting between you and the stars.