No matter where you or your friends are in the world, Uptime 2.0 is a great with to hang out with friends and watch your favorite YouTube videos simultaneously, chat, and listen to music all in one smart phone app! Simply let you or one of your friends choose a video, and gather in a group chat and react together with cute emoticons, chat themes, and text effects.

It’s the easiest way to spend time with friends when everyone’s in different states or countries, making it a great way to stay in touch, have virtual parties, and feel like they’re really with you. Video quality is excellent and loading times are fast.

It’s easy to share and immensely fun, making it a must have for anyone with a group of friends that’s large or small or none at all, as you can connect with strangers too. It’s also perfect for spending time with your significant other while they’re not beside you. Best of all, it’s completely free.