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Looking for a new way to enjoy some booze? Instead of drinking it, you can now vaporize it with the Vape Shot Spirit Pump. It’s like music to your ears.

This simple mechanism immediately converts your favorite liquors/spirits into a cloud of delicious vapor inside of any plastic bottle that you can get your hands on. You start by pouring a small amount of alcohol (about a shot’s worth) into the Vape Shot. After it’s all loaded up, grab an empty bottle of your choice and get ready to shoot. Once you attach the Vape Shot to the lip of the bottle, start pumping it to produce the vapor. In a moment’s notice, your bottle is filled with gaseous goodness ready for you to inhale and enjoy. The taste is tremendous and effects take place in a timely manner.

A huge benefit of vaporizing your alcohol is the amount of calories you intake. It’s been reported that the Vape Shot turns any shot of alcohol into zero calories and even eliminates the possibility of a hangover.

Featured in a beautiful purple and black color option, the Vape Shot pump can transform a simple night out into the coolest story in town. Go ahead, give it a shot. Vape responsibly.