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In modern society, it can be tough to stay active. As our world continually shifts further away from menial labor towards automation and computers, more and more people simply don’t feel like they have the time to devote to exercise like they used to.

That’s what makes the new VHOOP so unique. The next evolution of the standard hula hoop, your VHOOP will revolutionize the way you exercise. With its lightweight design and ability to easily assemble and disassemble as needed, the VHOOP is much more convenient than a normal hoop while serving the same functions. There are also ways to add weight for extra resistance if you feel up to the challenge.

But that’s just the half of it. The best feature of the VHOOP is its connectivity with your smart phone via Bluetooth technology. With this, you’re able to track calories burned while you hoop, log your time and progress, and compete against your friends all through a single app.

And don’t worry about losing motivation. The VHOOP can be set to message your phone after being put away for a length of time, ensuring you don’t lose or forget about it or let it fall into disuse.

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