Glen from ViperChill has posted a bunch of success stories on various websites in the past, and lots of thoughts and ideas as to how many of these could be replicated from different angles. If you are a loyal reader of viperchill, I am sure you know exactly what I am talking about. These posts received lots and lots of attention from the loyal readers of ViperChill.

Because of this, I am not that surprised to see Glen giving this idea more attention. These (and future) posts will now get their own space over at, along with podcasts on the same topic. When Glen is on to something new, I pay attention, and so has now been added to my new favorite tool

So thanks Glen! I can’t wait to see more over on!

Today I’m very excited (and slightly nervous) to soft-launch my latest online venture,

In 2011 I launched a website called Cloud niche which was focused on sharing profitable niche ideas that I didn’t have time to build myself.

I only sent eight emails to subscribers, but received over 1,000 ‘thank you’ emails in return.

At the end of 2014 I re-branded cloud niche to ‘inc ideas’. As I was still more focused on SEO than business ideas I only sent 10 updates to subscribers.

Some of my most successful posts on ViperChill have been about sharing online opportunities with viral Facebook pages and profitable, un-tapped niches when it comes to SEO.

I’m happy to announce I have a new home for these business opportunities which I constantly come across, rather than having them as a ‘side-project’ from ViperChill.

I say soft-launch as we’re nearing Xmas and New Year when fewer people will be online, but there are two great business models that have been published on the website today.

We have incredible content lined up for January, with one opportunity being shared each week in 2017.

Here’s that link again:

I really hope you like what I’ve put together and you’ll subscribe (on the site) for what’s to come next.

– G

P.S. This launch also comes with a brand new podcast – which will be updated weekly – which you can find here