Brassiere, or bra, is an undergarment for women to support their breasts. As more than 90% of the American women have been told to wear bras without ever asking why, a common believe is that to prevent sagging, lift, push and streamlines the body.

Should you stop wearing a bra?

While wearing bras symbolise women, some take it otherwise. As the October 13th is the no-bra day, some people believe that women should not wearing bras as it does not provide any health benefits, and may actually harmful to women. Over years, rumors about wearing bras may connect to breast’s cancer, however the fact is, there’s no good scientific study to support this claim. On one hand, a study suggests that wearing bras prevents growth of tissue, and did nothing in reducing back pain, sagging nor supporting chest. Nonetheless, the study does not represent the population as a whole and providing very preliminary result. The issue remains controversial.

Despite of that, most women today are still wearing bras. And we are not anyway near from a complete emancipation, at least in the near future.

But in BoyGadgets, here we have a great smart technology bra for you.

The Everyday Smart Bra: Your Intuitive Wellness Coach

Produced by VITALI Wear, VITALI smart bra is a sensor-integrated sport bra that tracks and monitors your breathing, posture and heart rate variability (HRV). Available in two colors and two closure systems,VITALI smart bra is comfortable and has a cup size range from 30AA to 40DD.

The core value of this system live up to the gem located around the upper torso of the bra. It receives signal from the sensors and gives you a real-time gentle reminder on-the-go. When you’re stressed out, VITALI smart bra receives biofeedback from your breathing/heart rate patterns and give you a timely tap via the gem. Therefore, it reminds you to calm down and take a moment of break or a deep breath.

For long hours work in the office

Hours of office slouching in front of computer? A bad posture does not just make you look less confident, but is the main reason of causing back pain and poor work efficiency. Designs for long hours wearing, VITALI smart bra tells you if you’re slouching again via a gentle vibration. Similar to Upright Go, you will get rid of that habit after few days of practices.

Fitness and meditation

VITALI sport bra features HRV monitoring, it captures your regular heart rate pattern and nudge you if find any unusual rhythms. In this way, it tracks and syncs your fitness activity in line so you can concentrate more on your mind set. VITALI does not just coaching you, but also tracks your meditation session and gives you a before-after wellness score over the weeks. VITALI works seamlessly with your smartphone, but can also be a stand-alone garment without the phone.

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Made of soft natural fabric (27% Spandex and 73% Nylon) with 4 sensors, including a 9-axis accelerometer and gyroscope sensor. VITALI bra isn’t just a sport bra, it offers an all-day wearability with a removable gem that receives haptic feedback. It is water, rain, splash, and sweat resistant. The battery is 3.7 V 180 mAh and runs up to 2 days on a single charge, each charging takes about 2 hours with any of the USB 2.0. VITALI smart bra works with a minimum of iPhone 5 and iOS 8+, Android 4.3 and up. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.2.

Price and Discount

VITALI smart sport bra is available for just $129, big cut off future retailing price of $249. Early backers can enjoy up to 48% discounted price with a limited quantity of 150 unit, visit the link below to their Kickstarter campaign to check the availability.

To make sure you always get the correct size, backers will have a 14-day free exchange guarantee if you find the size isn’t right.