Human body is designed to move constantly. However, most white-collar workers require sitting in the office for long hours throughout the day. But did you know that prolong sitting is bad to your health? Sitting too much has been proven to increase the risk of getting cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and even shorten life spans. With no exception, these applies even to those who exercise weekly with good BMI, being sedentary is slowly killing you.

Therefore, professional often recommends people using a sit/stand desk in the workplace to maintain a balance of work efficiency and healthy lifestyle. With that being said, most sit/stand desk in the market ain’t looking good neither professional, which is important to shape the impression to your guests.

People said, you can tell someone’s personality simply from their room. It’s what makes people believe and confident about you and your service. Thus, just like suit and tie, your appearance is the first-and-the-foremost investment that you gave yourself.


Vivistand is an elegant and low-profile adjustable standing desk. It features a strong and durable of 4-legged design with auto-motion (and lights) detection. The sensor is constructed right underneath the desk to grant you an easy access, as well as nice in look. The ViviTrack system allows to customize your desk to fit your needs, such as adding custom accessories.

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ViviStand specification and Certification

  • Range of desk height | 27.5″ to 47.2″ (700mm to 1200mm)
  • Weight capacity | 330 pounds (150 Kg)
  • Lift speed | 0.86″ (22mm) per sec
  • Noise level | 42 dB to 55 dB (depends on mode)
  • Standby power usage | 0.1 Watt
  • Volts | 120v to 220v AC
  • Amps | <0.6A (4 legs total)
  • Frequency | 56 / 60 Hz 
  • Watts | <140W (4 legs total) 
  • Warranty | 10 years (including electronics)

Vivistand has certification on ISO 9001/2000, ROHS and on site auditor. It’ve gone through strict testing on all the equipment and electronics including:

  • Stability test
  • Unit strength test
  • Drop test
  • Leg strength test
  • Work surface vertical adjustment test
  • Thermometric instrument
  • Digital multimeter
  • Oscilloscope
  • Smart scope CNC 500

Sensor and cords management

The cool part, the motion sensor switch-on the lights and raise the desk when you approach. Beside of visual satisfactory, ViviStand is made to fit into every office desk with their pro cord management system, hooks, etc. It hides all of the component such as power strip and cords below the desk to give you an intuitive control in your arm’s reach, without compromising the high-class functionality.

We have bags, headphone and stuff. ViviStand comes with mess-free adjustable hooks that conveniently located on both sides giving you a more professional grab-n-go outlook. The 3-point mounting system designs for hanging all your daily stuff like jacket, briefcase and even decors.

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For tomorrow’s technology, Vivistand is made to pair seamlessly with technology systems including phones, watches, Echo and Siri to bring your smart house integration into a new level. Also, you can choose amongst the preset designs that fit your style such as laminated, bamboo and hardwood.

Two- and Four- legged

Sometimes, legs matter. I personally prefer duo for casual and quottro for office uses. Although there are no any significant features from duo to quattro (except for no ViviTrack on duos), but two-legged is few hundred dollars cheaper in price. Ultimately, it depends on what you use the desk for.

Price and Warranty

The pricing is now starting from only $749, visit the link below to their official Kickstarter page to check for availability. You can choose from a variety of colors and sizes. Although the price isn’t cheap as compare to sit/stand desk in the market, but if you willing to go for quality, this is a big deal.

Beside of big discounted price for early birds, the company that has more than 10 years of manufacturing experience is giving off a 10-years warranty off the desks you purchased. They also covered electronics malfunctioning, defects and so on.