Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites online today, however its user accessibility options for Mac users has been limited until now. The new Vu web app seeks to solve this problem in a stylish and user-friendly way. Now Instagram can be accessed directly from the Mac’s menu bar in seconds.

The Vu app is 100% free and anyone can download and use it. It allows people with one or more Instagram accounts to take advantage of all the great features without trouble. You can view any feed or image collection right away. You can even take a selfie with your webcam and load it into an Instagram account without trouble or the need to navigate to another program.

One great difference between the Vu Mac app and others is the fact that it supports multiple Instagram accounts from one convenient interface. When you log out and then into another one, it is added to the menu bar for easy access the next time you want to visit this social media image sharing site.