Wave Electric Bike

Electric transportation has been around for years, but one pioneer has emerged as a frontrunner in this tech race. Wave’s newly improved Electric Bikes live up to their hype, and with multiple designs available in styles like the Tidal Wave, Folding Wave, and the new Wave 2.0, these electric bikes are a fantastic transportation alternative for people looking to keep their carbon footprint small.

Maxing out at speeds of around 25 MPH, these energy efficient models get you to and from your destinations quickly, and at the low weight of about 50 pounds they are easy to store in a garage, apartment, or chained to a bike rack. Wave Electric Bikes have long battery lives, so you won’t need to keep recharging yours throughout the day, and they handle just as well as a regular bicycle on various terrains like gravel, sand, or grass.

At a tidy sum of $1,199, Wave Electric Bikes are an investment that will pay off tenfold thanks to their longevity and quality craftsmanship, and you can even pay in installments of under $30 per month. If you’re looking to enjoy the last few weeks of summer in style, do it on a Wave Electric Bike.