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Wireless headphones have revolutionized the headphones industry in recent years. By going wireless, music enthusiasts no longer have to worry about tangled up headphone cords while they are exercising with their headphones on. Similarly, wireless headphones eliminate the need to always stay connected to a wireless device while you are listening to music.

One of the most innovative entrants in the wireless headphones category is the Arc Bluetooth Headphones from Wearhaus. Wearhaus, which was founded in 2013 and is located in California, is committed to providing the best possible listening experience for their customers.

Features of Wearhaus’s Arc Bluetooth Headphones

From an aesthetic standpoint, what makes the Wearhaus Arc Bluetooth Headphones unique is that each headphone has a customizable “light ring” that encapsulates each headphone, changing colors as the listener plays their favorite music.

Wearhaus outfitted the Arc Bluetooth Headphones with Bluetooth-compatible technology that enables listeners to use their headphones within 30 meters of their Bluetooth music device. The Wearhaus Arc Bluetooth Headphones also have a battery life of 15 hours, making them perfect for working outside or exercising for long periods of time.

In terms of materials, the Wearhaus Arc Bluetooth Headphones have faux-leather headphones and an anodized aluminum exterior. Wearhaus also added noise-isolating foam cushioning to the interior of each headphone, which offers top notch comfort while allowing the customer to stay focused on their music.