f you are a newbie to the crypto market and you want to get up to speed with crypto trading more simply, then Crypto Alert is the right tool for you. Cryptalert is an application that is designed for crypto traders who want to invest in the crypto market by trading the variations of the instrument without spending so much time on the screen.

The platform is free to download on your mobile phone, and once it is installed, it evolves with how you use it. The app also offers new features which are spearheaded by the needs of the community. Cryptalert is designed to help you create different alerts. You can create alerts on the variation of price, and you can also create alerts if you want to know when the big movements in the Global Market Capitalization are happening. Additionally, you can also create an event alert that helps you to track your favorite news that can impact the price of the crypto.

The cryptalert app works by ensuring that every alert received is intended and it is to be used. There are 4 different ways in which you can get an alert. You can get it by email, by a push notification that is sent to your mobile app, by SMS or via your browser through the Chrome extension. You can configure each alert by choosing how you want to receive the alert by the channels mentioned above.

Cryotalert supports any exchange you are using: Bittrex, Kraken, Poloniex and more. The app is user-friendly because it allows you to decide when you want to get the alerts. The app also has a clean UI that you can create all the alerts you need within 2 minutes.

Among the tens of coins, you can choose one and set an alert. Cryptalert shows you the different markets available, and you choose the conditions you want. You can also build an alert on the rate variation of cryptos. You will also have the capability of viewing, deleting or pausing all the alerts from a single dashboard. Condensed alerts are also available to show all the information that is needed to make a trading decision.

Cryptalert is here to help you take advantage of all the trading opportunities in the crypto market. The app is fully fledged, easy to use and flexible for any beginner.




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