The Wilfa Precision: A New Way to Love Coffee

Established in 1948, Wilfa is a Norwegian-based company whose primary focus is centered on design, quality, safety, and innovation. With that in mind, welcome to one of their best selling products: the Wilfa Precision Automatic Coffee Brewer. Created in partnership with world-recognized barista Tim Wendelboe, this revolutionary design bespeaks nothing but elegance in its features, allowing the user to watch in real time as the brewing process unfolds.

Perhaps what is most unique and enticing about this model, however, is its technological innovations. Featuring not only a detachable water tank–which ensures fresh, clean water for each brew–and a dripstop to prevent spillage, the Wilfa Precision also employs unparalleled technology for both consistent temperatures and flow control. Users of the Wilfa Precision are able to adjust the amount of coffee to be brewed with the simple turn of a dial, and throughout the entire process, the water and coffee are kept at a precise 185 F: the gold standard of coffee lovers everywhere.

The Wilfa comes in two different colors, black and chrome, and has received several awards for its sleek and beautiful design — including recognition for performing at the Golden Cup standard by both the Specialty Coffee Associations of America and the Specialty Coffee Associations of Europe.