Let’s be honest, working with a computer isn’t the most comfortable experience in the world. Regardless, we all spend a decent amount of time using our laptops. In fact, according to Atlier.com, the average American spends “142.5 minutes daily in front of a computer”. This Natural Bamboo Laptop Stand is designed for those who don’t like working at a standard desk.

The Natural Bamboo Laptop Stand is designed as a multifunctional and ergonomic workstation that can be used on the sofa, on the floor, in the car or even in bed. Wherever, people wish to use their laptops, this bamboo laptop can help. Being constructed of natural bamboo and wood, this laptop stand is incredibly lightweight. This makes it easy to carry around and handle. In addition to being light, the stand is incredibly sturdy and damage resistant.

 There are small holes spread throughout this laptop stand that helps to keep the laptop from overheating. One of the negative effects of working with a computer on the couch or floor is that not enough air gets the bottom allowing for proper ventilation. This overheating can cause damage to the laptop and should be avoided at all costs. The Natural Bamboo Laptop Stand comes standard with several holes to help keep devices cool and functioning properly.

Beyond functional design, this laptop stand is also built to look good in any environment. The natural bamboo and wood finish gives it a clean and natural look. Users can rest assured that this Natural Bamboo Laptop Stand will fit stylishly in any room. Another benefit is the small amount of space that the stand takes up. When not being used, the stand can easily be stored without being too noticeable.

The Natural Bamboo Laptop Stand has been structured as an entire workspace that can hold more than just a laptop. There is more than enough room to have a mouse working alongside for those that prefer not to use a laptop’s mousepad. In fact, there is a pad built into the board itself offering functional use for mouse devices. There is also a groove cut out atop the board to hold pens or pencils. When purchasing the laptop stand, users also are provided with two organizers for which to store odds and ends in their working space. These small space savers are easy to use and can make a big difference when trying to clear up clutter around the workplace.

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