Under your smart and casual formal wear, a right belt can add a finishing touch to your daily vibe. As one of the must-have to any man’s wardrobe, it doesn’t just serves the purpose of keeping your trousers from falling, but also adding a low-key ingenious craftsmanship in favour of your style.

Naming from branded lavishly luxurious belt from Gucci to Crocodile, whereby the price can anywhere up to hundreds of thousands dollars, these jewel/gold embedded belt are designed for rich man but not for average person. Nevertheless, finding a comfortable belt that best suit your style have nothing to do with its price but the quality.

We all had a common problem with the belt: The frustration of belt tightening everytime after the meal. Buckle down a hole can make the belt way too loose, so, here is a smart solution for this problem.

X-Flex Belt

Created by Simple Design, who has previously ran a successful Kickstarter campaign on September 19, 2016 on their X-Flex Slim Wallet RFID. The project has raised $16k apart from its $3k goal, from a total of 709 backers. However, most of other information such as address and who’s the team behind the project are not much to find.

Designs and Styles

Not too gaudy, X-Flex belt sticks to the basic to offer a low-key, comfortable and classic way to keep what a belt should be. In this project, there are two available designs of belt to fit your style:

  • Carbon Fiber pattern italian leather
  • Crossgrain pattern italian leather

To fill exactly every quarter inch of your belly, the automatic harness buckle system provides user with unrestricted movement in any occasions, no matter what you’re doing!

Twist and turn as you wish, even after a meal! The belt has a general 3.5 cm (1.4″) wide and belt size from 27″ – 47″, which is similar to all jeans and pants out there.

Price and Promotion

X-Flex Belt is now on promotion for their newly launched Kickstarter campaign. You can get one from as low as $33 (all $25 units sold out!) with a belt of your choice.

By any chance, If you love to have one or two X-Flex Slim Wallet, they offer a number of packages combo with their wallet too. Check out the link below to their Kickstarter page to learn more.