Ok we’ve all done this. Take a ton of food photos because we want to remember our fabulous meals. But we don’t do much with these photos while they end up piling up in our phone. Here comes Yummi.

It is a free and fun interactive foodie app that lets you easily chronicle your food life by simply logging food photos. It is a very well designed platform that is also built around a community based experience where you can follow friends to see where and what they are eating.

But the most important thing about Yummi is that it isn’t focused on social as the main draw. It’s not about sharing or flaunting your meals. Even if you have no friends on Yummi yet as the app is still in its early days, you would still would want to use it. Why? Because using Yummi is about you. It starts with allowing you to record and document favorite food moments whether at home, at work, or in restaurants on a food log that keeps everything in one handy place. After all, we take food photos is mostly for ourselves first and foremost. Sharing is usually an afterthought.

You can keep the entries as a personal journal to remind yourself of special eateries or dishes, or you can share your food adventures for family and friends to check out your food journey, just as they can share with you what they cook, eat, and drink. It’s the perfect app to use for tracking your meals wherever you travel in the world. Whether it’s on a vacation full of culinary delights or the many important business dinners, you can use Yummi to help you remember those experiences simply with your food photos. If you enjoy taking food photos mainly for remembering, Yummi is the app for you to log all your meals.

Photos are grouped by meals called FOODprints. As you upload photos, foodprints are automatically organized into historical sequences and backdated with timestamps that reflect when you ate the food. No other complicated inputs required. All of your foodprints are organized into a calendar with an easy snapshot view of your eating history.

It is simple to keep track of where and what you eat just with everyday food photos you’re already capturing. Yummi encourages you to log all your food photos and not just the picture perfect ones. Relive food memories and never forget the details of special meals by being able to picture them as reminders.

Using Yummi can also be a great way to find daily food inspirations and expand your culinary adventures. You can enjoy following other people and seeing each other’s foodprints. It is easy to find and access food memories with one tap that uses geolocation nearest to you and cuisine sorting.

Make Yummi the home for all your food photos and you can selectively share them to Facebook, if you desire. No more burdening friends for suggestions and recommendations. And there is no need for texting links and images as you can view and find everyone’s food experiences all in one place.

Yummi is available on iOS and Android for download.

Bring your favorite food memories and special dining moments to life with Yummi, and find out where foodie friends are going and what they are eating that is worthwhile. Yummi makes it so much easier and a lot more fun.

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