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The ZAQ company has been a leading innovator in the field of essential oil diffusers since 2011. They are the pioneers of high quality and beautifully designed units that provide families with clean air and essential oils. The company is most excited about the newest addition to their lineup of air purifiers: the ZAQ Sky Diffuser.

The ZAQ Sky Diffuser was built specifically with children in mind. The company understands how much time and effort parents put into ensuring their child is safe and happy. With the new Sky Diffuser, parents can rest assured that their children are getting enough essential oils. ZAQ designed the Sky Diffuser with a built-in starry sky projection. This is the first diffuser to incorporate this kind of light projection.

Essential Oils and Pure Air

The Sky Diffuser was built to accomplish two main goals: getting children excited about bedtime again while providing them with essential oils and pure air during their sleep. These essential oils have several benefits including stress relief, more restful sleep, reduced headaches, aided digestion and boosted immunity.

In fact, the Sky Diffuser does much more than diffuse essential oils throughout the night. It is also designed to be an air purifier and ionizer, purging the air of any unwanted or harmful bacteria. The Sky Diffuser also successfully eliminates germs, stale air or bad odors, leaving the air clean and pure.

As mentioned before, the Sky Diffuser has been built with a star projector. This was an attempt by ZAQ to get children excited for bedtime. Another ingenious addition is the 30-minute timer that gradually dims the night sky, encouraging children to sleep before it is completely dark. There is also a warm nightlight setting for those that prefer to sleep with a little light during the night.

ZAQ did not stop there with the Sky Diffuser design. The team was even able to build a humidifier into this product. This will help to moisturize your child’s skin and assist their breathing. Surprisingly, the Sky Diffuser uses no heat and little water. This makes the product safe for anyone in the family to use. With the sleek design and small size, the Sky Diffuser works well anywhere in the home.

For those parents looking for a way to get their kids excited for bedtime while simultaneously providing them with essential oils and purified air, the ZAQ Sky Diffuser is the best option. The company has been a leading producer of essential oil diffusers. Their new Sky Diffuser product is another proud accomplishment for the company.