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The ZEROi Smart Hat is one of the most innovative ways out there today to listen to music, make calls, and do anything else you would normally do with earphones or a Bluetooth headset. What makes the ZEROi Smart Hat so unique and interesting is that it uses Bone Conduction technology to transmit sounds directly to the bones in your skull. This allows you to listen without putting on any earphones, and enables you to remain alert to other sounds around you in the environment. It’s somewhat similar listening through a speaker, but a speaker only the wearer of the hat can hear.

The ZEROi Smart hat comes in a stylish, sharp looking design and various sizes to fit your head perfectly. It is covered in a sleek oil-type coating to make it water resistant. The battery life on the hat is quite exceptional, allowing you to listen for about five hours before needing to recharge it. While there are other similar products on the market, one thing that makes ZEROi a superior choice is that it uses four bone conduction speakers instead of only two, which allows for much greater sound clarity and quality.